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More style in the cabin with an LED seat emblem!

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Illuminated seat badge Illuminated seat emblem Tuning 4 e1610172869947 More style in the cabin with an LED seat emblem!

Some may know them and have seen them somewhere before. So-called illuminated seatbadges in cars. So illuminated (brand) emblems in the seat backs. But where is the benefit? And are there perhaps even legal concerns? Can you maybe even retrofit the eye-catchers? We would like to answer some questions on this topic with the following article.

the LED seat emblem

Illuminated seat badge Illuminated seat emblem Tuning 3 More style in the cabin with an LED seat emblem!

A small component that is becoming increasingly popular are emblems in the seats. Particularly high-quality vehicles are often equipped with them ex-works. The brand is worth mentioning here, for example BMW with the M3 / M4 emblem in the seats but also many other manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes or Porsche rely on the little eye-catcher, depending on the model and equipment variant. The emblems usually show either the Equipment line of the car or the direct model name at. So far these emblems only existed incorporated into the seats, but for some time now these have also been included LEDs provided. Also some of this directly from the factory! The sense behind this is natural just the optics. From a neutral point of view, however, one has to admit that such an emblem is definitely something for the eye and makes a difference.

There are no legal concerns.

As already mentioned, many well-known car manufacturers install the parts directly from the factory. But is the "Self-made installation" even possible? Yes and no! In the unlit It is a variant in any case easier. The LED version could cause more problems. Here is the Electronics to be observed. This must be connected to the inside of the seat. For the layperson, this is probably an almost impossible task. But it could be a great project for inventors. It should be noted, however, that you can also drive your car through this work unwanted damage can inflict. Incidentally, this also applies to them backseatwhere installation is also possible.


The components are already available for one from third-party suppliers low price to buy in various designs. Once you have purchased the part, you only have to choose a suitable place in the car seat. The is particularly recommended Area in the neck or on upper back. It hardly makes sense to set the space lower, otherwise it would simply be said directly can not see. The headrest is also popular with incorporated emblems. Since in this case it is about the LED badges this place is rather unsuitable.

What should you watch out for when installing?

First and foremost, one must remember that in a seat usually Airbags are installed. Thus at this point the Self-made work usually already done. If no airbag is installed, it can be tackled. To do this, however, the seat must be partially be dismantled, there the seat emblems through the material the backrest must be screwed. Often there is a technology back with it Screw domes to attach the seat emblem. The necessary electrics also have to be installed. This is best coupled to the professionally Interior lighting from the vehicle. The emblems light up when the vehicle is unlocked and go out as soon as the interior lighting is deactivated. A little legal aspect should still be considered, by the way. The emblems light up constantly and are particularly bright so that other road users can see them Aperture (for example, if there is no co-driver). This would be legally questionable no lighting in the cabin while driving. (More information can be found in our special on interior lighting.)

Alternative - not illuminated and / or glued!

An alternative are simple variants without lighting. You can partially on the seat glued will. Of course, the look cannot be compared, especially with an emblem ex works. Simple emblems for Stick on are also available for many other positions in the vehicle such as the Seat console. In the end, it's nothing more than one simple sticker. In the end, personal taste decides here.

Illuminated seat badge Illuminated seat emblem Tuning 5 More style in the cabin with an LED seat emblem!

Ultimately, it has to be said that such a part matter of taste is like everything in life. Many advise from one subsequent installation as more can break than you think. After all, installing the seat will damage the seat permanently. The aspect of resale should also be considered. Potential buyers might be put off if they see that one illuminated BMW M4 seat emblem was subsequently installed in a 320. But here, too, the taste decides. When buying a new car, however, you should definitely think about ticking this small and nice extra, as it is usually directly from the manufacturer higher quality is and you don't worry about possible Malfunctions have to do. But if you still say that you want to try it, we wish you good luck!

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Illuminated seat badge Illuminated seat emblem Tuning 3 More style in the cabin with an LED seat emblem!

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