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Up - the leveling kit for pickup lifting!

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Wheelhouse lighting Chassis lighting Tuning Up the leveling kit for the pickup lift kit!

In addition to the classic Höherlegung using new chassis with modified springs or partially complete new axle parts, etc., there is also another - much cheaper - variant. You sometimes hear about so-called leveling kits, which are mainly installed on American SUVs and pickups. But what is it actually? A leveling kit is basically a relatively simple way of raising the vehicle. It's a pretty cheap way to do that. Basically, the suspension struts are simply extended on the front axle and the vehicle's coil springs can be placed underneath with so-called spacers for the rear. With such a kit, however, a set of travel limiters almost always has to be mounted on the front axle. You should definitely pay attention to this when buying.

Travel limiters are one of them

2020 GMC Sierra Denali Hennessey Performance Goliath 700 Tuning 21 Up the leveling kit for the pickup lift kit!

With a leveling kit this is a must! If you do not do this, the suspension joint can be pulled out of the wishbone and the chaos is perfect. A good leveling system has the necessary Bump but at the same time or at least the necessity is pointed out. If the kit is installed, nothing stands in the way of off-road use. In addition, the vehicle is much more aggressive due to the additional height and generally has an even better look. There are even more practical advantages: the increased ground clearance not only allows extreme off-road driving, the suitability for everyday use is sometimes significantly improved even when loaded. If you order a set with travel limiter and expert opinion, there are actually no legal concerns if it is properly installed. And that also applies to Austria and not just Germany.

rather unknown in this country

However, the leveling kits are used relatively rarely in this country, they mainly exist in the USA. On the one hand there are significantly more SUVs, on the other hand such a kit is also used more often because the topic of pickup tuning is represented even more often. In addition to off-road vehicles, the kits are also often used in large SUVs. The leveling kits are not available in the vehicle ex works. It is a pure third party tuning option. You can also buy such a kit from a German manufacturer over the Internet and sometimes even install it yourself. However, if you are not a specialist and do not have a good feeling about the conversion, you should definitely rely on a specialist workshop. Changes to the axles and chassis should only be made by a specialist.

cheaper than a complete chassis

Up the leveling kit for pickup lifting!

The price of the set is usually not very expensive, and professional installation can also be financed. A good set of accessories is available on the Internet for as little as € 300, plus the cost of installation. If the kit is installed, the properties are an optical and technical improvement. Starting from the stronger terrain conditions to the more aggressive appearance, such a conversion for a modified pickup is a perfect opportunity for even more style and utility. In conclusion, the so-called leveling kits for pickups and SUVs are a very good tuning option.

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2020 Tickford V8 Ford Ranger Roush Performance Tuning 7 Up the leveling kit for the pickup lift kit!

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Wheel arch corners Wheel arch extension Wheel arch protection Tuning 2 310x165 Up the leveling kit for the pickup lift kit!

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jun auto with a subaru brz un 310x165 Up the leveling kit for the pickup lift!

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Wheelhouse lighting Chassis lighting Tuning 310x165 Up the leveling kit for the pickup lift!

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Crosswind Assistant Nachr% C3% BCsten VW Mercedes Ford Tuning 4 e1582379861960 310x165 Up the leveling kit for the pickup lift kit!

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Deactivate traction control ASR 310x165 Up the leveling kit for the pickup lift!

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