License plate carrier, quick change holder for the vehicle

Autotuning is a world of its own and lives from the love of detail. Not only the exterior of the body, the interior, the electrical system, the engine or the lighting system is considered, but also the smallest components, such as the license plate carrier is often exchanged for a so-called quick change holder. It is important to tune, however, that you do not start randomly to change things and grow, but that you first worked out an overall concept of how the vehicle should look like later, while retaining the essential features and visual features. This also applies to changing the license plate front and rear (if installed in front and behind).

License plate holder & quick release bracket

As the name suggests, a license plate carrier or quick-change holder designates the component which is to carry or hold the license plate. License plate carrier or quick-change holder are usually by screwing on the body (Hatchback) or the aprons are attached. Normally, the holes are already there for this. The license plate holder / quick-change holder is then used so that the license plate can be mounted on this holder. The attachment of the license plate can be done either by screwing, or by clamping. The license plate holder provides the number plate stop while driving and allows with respect to the quick change holder and the repeated changing or removing the number plate, without having to drill again and again in the body.

Advantages of retrofitting

An advantage of a license plate carrier or is that it can be mounted only once to the vehicle and thereby attach number plates quickly and easily and can change. That spares the body. Another advantage of the accessory industry is that you can replace the standard plastic holder with a higher quality and shapely one from the accessories. Here, the imagination is basically no limit, especially when it comes to a show vehicle. The license plate holder or quick change holder can be made of stainless steel and have, for example, an individual engraving, a stuck-on slogan or an advertising lettering. Furthermore, you can attach an individual lighting or similar (of course, according to StVZO), which further individualizes the vehicle. So you can change the front, - and rear end of his car, by relatively little effort, significantly and upgrade. Another advantage is that a license plate holder or quick change holder can be mounted quickly and easily and thus you can achieve a great visual effect with little effort.

Disadvantages of retrofitting?

A disadvantage is that one must muster appropriate capital to acquire an individual license plate holder or quick change holder. Of course, the price depends on the type of license plate holder or quick release holder. Also, there is no guarantee that the holder will fit on the car at all or is compatible with the license plate.

What to look for in the retrofit?

It must be ensured that the number plate holder or quick-change holder is approved for the car and also fits. The designs and the dimensions must be approved for use on public roads, otherwise the approval and, if applicable, the insurance cover expires. In case of doubt, prior consultation should be made with a DEKRA or TÜV inspection body. In no case one should install on a car which is used in the traffic variants which are designed for that Cover the license plate while driving.

the installation is feasible for the layman

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