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Install lighter flywheel - before u. disadvantage

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Lighter Flywheel Dual Mass Flywheel Tuning e1559807539577 Lighter Flywheel Pre-assemble disadvantage

An increase in performance certainly does not just include the installation of new software on the engine control section. It is also necessary to modify components around the engine so that the effectiveness is increased and of course the durability. It is already discussed whether a relief of the flywheel (Dual Mass Flywheel) makes sense in combination with the tuning on the engine. That's why we go into the pros and cons and explain the meaning behind it. Many notice when accelerating that the engine does not turn up as fast as you might like. This inertia of the suit can have several reasons. Since we have already touched on the subject, this effect is not surprising, since a common cause is too large a flywheel of the engine. This is often the case with engines installed as standard. More specifically responsible for this is that too large and sometimes very heavy flywheel. It begs the question of why the car manufacturer gives too much flywheel in the engine.

The disadvantages of facilitating the flywheel

Lighter Flywheel Dual Mass Flywheel Tuning2 e1559807585276 Lighter Flywheel Pre-assemble disadvantage

This is because starting the car is easier and quieter idling is achieved. The engine appears to the driver as a whole smoother and smoother. Conversely, less flywheel means that the vehicle can be stalled faster with manual gearshifting because more feel is needed. In order to facilitate the handling when starting for most drivers, so rather more flywheel is installed. There are arguments that a relief of the flywheel results in a poorer engine idling. This is counteracted by the fact that if there is sufficient residual flywheel, this still compensates satisfactorily. And often the tuner is an improvement in driving characteristics anyway more important than the last bit of ride comfort.

The advantages for ambitious drivers

Lighter Flywheel Dual Mass Flywheel Tuning3 e1559807630587 Lighter Flywheel Pre-assemble disadvantage

For sporty road users, however, a lighter start at the expense of speed is not an aspiration. On the contrary: Here you would rather have more power when starting off. There are some who claim that the alleviation of the flywheel reduces the torque of the engine. That's definitely not so flat. Because the torque is composed by the combustion pressure times half the crankshaft stroke. The power in turn is torque times engine speed. In other words, the reduction of the flywheel has nothing to do with it. In addition, engines with a lighter flywheel at idling noticeably perform equally well compared to the flywheel fitted as standard.

No performance increase expected

Cancel rev limit tuning Tuning Install lighter flywheel Before u. disadvantage

To facilitate the flywheel is only a small measure. It should be noted that no additional power of the engine is achieved. However, you notice an improved acceleration and switching can also be faster. The benefits of facilitating the flywheel (except for the good acceleration). Another advantage of the measure is that the consumption of fuel per 100 KM is definitely reduced. This is mainly due to the smaller towing power. You can expect an average of 0,3-0,5 liters per 100 km with a petrol engine if the driving style is identical.

Tip: That is what one understands by the Power loss / drag power!

Hardware retrofit diesel vehicle 2 Lighter flywheel install Before u. disadvantage

In diesel engines, however, the lightening of the flywheel is not recommended due to the functional principle of the flywheel. Even fuel savings can not really be achieved with a diesel. A quote from the tuning industry: "Better to die than take the diesel out of steam!" A diesel does not live from the speed, so the lighter flywheel speaks against the torque if you lighten the swing and vibration damper. But you can still do it, but everyone has to decide for themselves whether the result is as desired. Ps. The cheapest option is to turn off the existing flywheel and then fine-balance it.

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