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Using liquid leather to repair car seats?

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Carlex Porsche Macan interior rose gold nappa leather Tuning 5 Using liquid leather to repair car seats?

Recently we got over the right one leather care reported and also the possibilities for Color refreshment of the leather seats illuminated. But what if there is a hole or a tear in the leather? Then liquid leather is used. Liquid leather is used in specialist companies for leather processing and leather repair. It is also available from specialist retailers for private individuals who want to repair a damaged leather surface using the DIY process. If leather seats have cracks or other small repairs are necessary to the leather, liquid leather is used. By using liquid leather, there is no need to put on a completely new leather cover. This saves money and still leads to an optimal result. However, a good result is only achieved if the liquid leather is applied properly.

Leather cleaning and stain removal

Color Freshener Leather Interior Car Cleaning 4 Using liquid leather to repair car seats?

Professional leather repairs also offer the care and cleaning of leather seats and leather cockpit elements. The areas of leather to be repaired must of course be cleaned before the liquid leather is applied. Leather repair workshops use various cleaning agents that effectively remove stains and grease, but at the same time do not attack the leather. A cleaning brush can also be used.

Liquid leather in case of damage

Leather seat car hole repair liquid leather e1603869812468 Use liquid leather for repairing car seats?

If there are holes in the leather seat or small cracks appear, a treatment with liquid leather is recommended. Thanks to the liquid leather, the small damages can be filled up quickly. The repair variant enables quick and uncomplicated help in the event of damage to the leather seat or the leather cockpit or wherever leather is installed. Good liquid leather products ensure that the car leather remains fully flexible and soft.

Liquid leather - how is it used?

Liquid leather is mainly used for smooth leather, where it is used to close cracks and small holes. The repair agent is sold in transparent versions and should be treated with a suitable smooth leather color after setting. When buying liquid leather, you should look for UV-resistant, elastic and embossable products. The liquid leather should also be sandable.

Liquid leather and the application

Leather seat repair car hole liquid leather 3 Use liquid leather for repairing car seats?

To use the product, the leather to be treated should be free of grease, clean and dry. The leather can be washed with leather soap, for example. The leather must be allowed to dry after washing. If leather fibers are still high in the repair area, then these must be removed. The repair site must be flat and not have any areas that protrude above the surface of the material. It may also be that leather glue has to be used before the liquid leather is applied. Here it depends on the provider of the repair kit, the damaged area and the leather used.

Even application is important

Leather seat repair car hole liquid leather 4 Use liquid leather for repairing car seats?

Liquid leather is available in thick versions and must be applied evenly to the repair area. This can be done with your finger or a sponge. Spatulas can also be suitable for application. The treated surface must dry well and can then be embossed or smoothed. After the liquid leather has been applied and treated, the leather should be colored appropriately. Interested tuners can have the right leather color mixed exactly in specialist shops. A color fixer which is added to the leather color or a subsequent sealing round off the leather repair. The result of the repair is permanent due to the sealing or color fixing. It is of course advisable to maintain the leather regularly even after repairs and to avoid new damage. The right leather care product is available from specialist retailers.

DIY instructions - liquid leather repairs to the car seat

The following videos show you step-by-step instructions for repairing an artificial leather car seat with liquid leather. Individual small cracks and holes can be mended with the liquid leather. Tip: This is how the perfect car interior cleaning succeeds.

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