Applications / advantages of using Loctite on the car

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Loctite threadlocker thread sealant 7 e1580450188792 Applications / Advantages of using Loctite on the car

LOCTITE (R) threadlocker is typically used to seal and secure bolts, especially in vehicle repairs. But there are a lot of other applications where Loctite threadlockers can be used. Today we would like to show you some examples of the use of Loctite threadlockers so that you can benefit from them in the future.

for medium-strength screw connections

Loctite threadlocker thread sealant 4 applications / advantages of using Loctite on the car

Loctite 243 is the leading product that should be available in every workshop. It is intended for medium-strength screw locks and has a higher strength than the purple Loctite 222. Loctite 243 can be removed from the screws with standard tools. There are endless applications for the medium-strength and removable Loctite threadlocker blue. In practice, Loctite is used, for example, for screwed components that are exposed to high vibrations or are used repeatedly and can therefore come loose. To ensure that everything on the vehicle remains secure and taut, you should check all components and, if necessary, secure them with a little Loctite screw lock blue. And that also applies to a self-locking mother. Loctite® 243 hardens in the absence of air between tight metal surfaces. Thanks to thixotropic behavior, Loctite® 243 reduces the migration of the liquid product after it has been applied to the component. It achieves a robust curing performance. It can be used on active metals (e.g. brass, copper), but also on passive materials such as stainless steel and even on clad surfaces. It achieves high temperature and oil resistance and tolerates low surface contamination from oils such as cutting, lubricating, anti-corrosion or also with various protective oils.

Loctite should be applied as follows:

Loctite threadlocker thread sealant 5 e1580449949170 Applications / Advantages of using Loctite on the car

  1. You should lay out newspapers for easier cleaning.
  2. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws that connect the front and back of a component.
  3. Apply a little Loctite 243 medium strength threadlocker to the thread of the removed screws blue and turn the screws until the Loctite has spread over the entire thread.
  4. Screw the screws back into the previously removed position.
  5. Carry out this process with all screws of the component.

Loctite 271 - For tight screw connections

Loctite Threadlocker Thread Sealant e1580449659737 Applications / Benefits of using Loctite on the car

Components that are exposed to strong vibrations are a nightmare for tightened screws. For screws that are subject to strong vibrations, the use of Loctite screw locking is red optimal. To do this, you simply have to apply Lochtite 271 to the nut and screw and reassemble the corresponding components at the desired location. In addition to secure fastening, you also protect your screws from corrosion. The screws are protected against impacts, temperature fluctuations and vibrations with Loctite screw lock 271. Loctite 271 uses its high strength and low viscosity. It is also intended for large threads as thread locks up to M20. It also hardens through the air between metal surfaces with a particularly tight fit. It was created for the permanent locking and sealing of threaded fasteners. It effectively prevents loosening and leakage due to shocks and vibrations. It even tolerates small impurities from industrial oils.

Loctite 290 - For tightened medium / high strength connections

Loctite threadlocker thread sealant 2 applications / advantages of using Loctite on the car

If you have components that are already screwed on, but for which there is no screw lock or you have forgotten the screw insurance, then Loctite 290 is the right choice for you. Because Loctite 290 is intended for medium or high-strength screws that are already screwed in and tightened. If you want to increase the reliability of these screws, you can machine them with Loctit 290. To do this, you can simply apply Loctite 290 at the interface between screw and tie hole or nut and screw. A few drops are enough. Loctite® 290 is therefore used to secure and seal threaded connections. Due to the low viscosity and high capillary action, it penetrates into the thread gaps. The connections do not have to be disconnected beforehand. It hardens in the absence of air between tight-fitting metal surfaces. Afterwards, an independent loosening and leaks through impacts and vibrations are prevented. It can also fill porosity in a weld, cast and sintered metal parts. The color is Green and it is recommended up to thread size M6 and a temperature resistance up to 150 ° C.

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Loctite threadlocker thread sealant 6 applications / advantages of using Loctite on the car

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