Lowering for vehicles with leaf springs, parabolic springs, etc.?

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Fiat 500 Topolino lowering leaf springs Lowering for vehicles with leaf springs, parabolic springs etc.?
Apart from the usual suspension springs in common vehicles, there are also special variants and completely different suspensions than we know. For example by means of Axis of rotation. We explain how the axis of rotation can be lowered as follows. Older vehicles mostly have no leaf springs, but have an axis of rotation that can be lowered. To do this, all you have to do is lift the car, pull out the nut, and then push the axle up. Then reattach the nut, screw it tight and there is the car lowered. However, this process must be carried out exactly on both sides, otherwise the car will stand at an angle.

Simply lower leaf springs:

How the leaf springs can be lowered easily and inexpensively is explained using an old Fiat 500 with a 5-layer leaf spring. To do this, simply remove the spring package, dismantle the leaf spring and that second sheet from the top remove. Then the end pieces that protrude to the left and right of the steering knuckle after the spring (bearing block) has been taken up must be sanded off with a flex.

Lowering leaf spring clips parabolic springs Tuning e1629875447625 Lowering for vehicles with leaf springs, parabolic springs etc.?

Then straighten the second sheet with a press and then put everything back together again. In this way, the Fiat 500 quickly stands lower and the spring action remains almost unchanged. However, the camber and toe must be checked separately. Something similar can be achieved with a leaf spring clip. Both variants are suitable, however CAN'T for vehicles that are still to be used on the road. Every common test center provides more information.

prefer a special lowering leaf spring

We will explain an alternative variant of the lowering using a Trabant 601. The so-called Lowering leaf spring is usually supplied as a complete set for the vehicle. The set includes the lowering leaf spring for the front axle, including integrated fall correction and at best by means of adapted shock absorbers. And a leaf spring suspension for the rear axle, also with a lowering spring and shock absorber, should be included in such a set. With this package, the desired lowering can even be specified in advance on request. There is also the option of tailoring a complete chassis to individual requirements.

Lowering leaf spring clamps parabolic springs Tuning 2 lowering for vehicles with leaf springs, parabolic springs, etc.?

Leaf springs and parabolic springs on trucks

In the case of a truck, a distinction must be made between front axle and rear axle springs. There is either Leaf, parabola or trailing arm springs. Traditional leaf springs have been manufactured for centuries and were built into carriages as early as the Middle Ages. When the first cars came onto the market in the 19th century, leaf springs experienced an upswing. Today leaf springs are used in many types of trucks, such as construction site or heavy-duty trucks.

Meanwhile, the so-called Parabolic spring The leaf spring is displaced in many areas, however, because it has better spring behavior and noise-damped suspension, as the spring layers no longer rub against each other, but are dampened by rubber elements. In addition, a parabolic spring can even save weight.

Trailing arms In contrast, are so-called guide springs, which are used in spring bellows on vehicles with air suspension. Since these air bags cannot guide the vehicle axles on their own, they are only used in combination with a Air suspension unit employed.

Raising and lowering of leaf or parabolic springs

Vehicle lifting: If the leaf or parabolic springs are mounted on the vehicle axle, there are three wayshow the vehicle can be raised:

  1. Change in spring offset: With this procedure, the deflection of the spring is increased by a value between 50 and 80 mm. A bend beyond this dimension is possible in most cases should not possible, as otherwise the spring will be too short for use. In such a case the spring would have to extended .
  2. Use of axle plates: With special Shims for the springs, as well as new bolts and spring clips, the vehicle can also be raised. In this way a lift can be increased 20 to 100 mm be performed. Any elevation beyond this value, however, causes strong leverage, which has a negative effect on the spring clip.
  3. Combination of both variants: The two variants already presented can also be used to raise the chair combined will. The drop is increased and a base plate of 20 to 40 mm is added. This variant promises very good and long-lasting success.

With feathers that under the axle are installed, only the spring offset can be changed. The use of a shim would have the opposite effect and would lower the truck instead of higher.

Vehicle lowering: A lowered truck usually reaches one better road holdingbecause the center of gravity of the vehicle is lowered.
However, since many truck drivers also want a sportier look, the offset of the leaf or parabolic springs is usually changed. Inserting plates between the springs and the axle can also lower the suspension, if the spring is installed under the axle. However, this effect can only be used to a limited extent, since otherwise the distance to the road surface would be too small.

Do you need new shock absorbers?

Whether you need new shock absorbers depends on how much You lower the vehicle. From a lowering of more than 40 mm, new shock absorbers are recommended. These can be produced by various providers in different compression or rebound stages to match the area of ​​application.

The acceptance by the TÜV

If examination documents or comparative reports are available, you can get them directly from the provider. Otherwise, a individual acceptance be performed.

Lowering of leaf spring clips, parabolic springs, trucks e1629879187569 Lowering of vehicles with leaf springs, parabolic springs, etc.?

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