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Optimal protection with a luggage compartment mat / trunk mat!

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Luggage compartment mat Trunk mat Tuning 2 Optimal protection with a luggage compartment mat / trunk mat!

In the trunk of the vehicle there are various Objects and often too Pets transported. So it is inevitable that the trunk area from time to time verschmutzt and then also ugly wears out. A trunk mat offers an effective Protection and before Schmutz and animal hair. A mat also makes it easier to clean the trunk, because most of the dirt particles are caught by the mat and can therefore be easily disposed of. Furthermore, a luggage compartment mat also offers effective protection against the Slipping the cargo.

What to look for when buying the mat

Luggage compartment mats are made of different materials, such as Rubber, leather or Carpet material. The mats are offered in universal sizes so that they can easily be adjusted to the individual size with scissors tailored can be. In addition, some manufacturers also offer suitable mats specially tailored to well-known vehicle models. Also the Vehicle manufacturer often have such optional protective mats for the trunk in their range. Rubber mats should be made robust so that they can Everyday stress can also withstand as long as possible. In addition, when buying, you should ensure that the mat principle is easily removable. This facilitated overall the Facial Cleansing of the trunk. We recommend mat materials that also have the Slides the cargo both man. This means that even heavy objects that are loose in the trunk remain in place during the journey.

Luggage compartment mat Trunk mat Tuning 3 Optimal protection with a luggage compartment mat / trunk mat!

When Pets, such as buckled Dogs without Box, should be transported in the loading area, care should be taken when purchasing that the mat is also appropriate suitable for dogs is. Good mats are non-slip and robust. In addition, the mat should also be easy to use clean be. Mats are the best antibacterial Effect unfold and one too Odor protection bid against wet dog fur. A mat system that also supports the sill protects against dirt and scratches and this with covers. Conceptually, when the loading flap is opened, the protection is simply folded out and placed over the loading sill. When loading or unloading is finished, the loading sill protection is accordingly easy again folded back.

This is how the trunk mat should be selected

When choosing the right luggage compartment mat, the real one should be Usage stand in the foreground. If you often want to transport heavy and loose objects in the trunk, you should bring a mat Anti-slip effect choose. A universal mat has the advantage that it can be quickly adapted to individual needs in just a few simple steps cut to size can be. If animals are to be transported without a container, mats are included Nylon fibers recommendable. They offer a good one Anti-slip and can in the washing machine getting cleaned.

Luggage compartment mat Trunk mat Tuning 4 Optimal protection with a luggage compartment mat / trunk mat!

Advantages and disadvantages of trunk mats

The mats have First Name and Disadvantagesthat should be briefly presented. Positive notices that the mats in many different versions are available. Universal mats can be quickly cut to individual dimensions and can therefore be adapted to many vehicle types. To clean the trunk, a Schmutzfangmatte also takes less time. The dirt is already on the mat, which can be easily and simply removed from the trunk and cleaned. The mat is an effective one Anti-wear protection for the trunk area. A Anti-slip function makes the load unlikely to slip while driving. Does the mat have one Edge protection, then the loading sill during loading and unloading not scratched. Disadvantageous is, however, that an incorrectly cut mat does not offer optimal protection in all corners. Furthermore, mats that are made to measure must be used when changing vehicles exchanged .

Luggage compartment mat / trunk mat

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Luggage compartment mat Trunk mat Tuning 5 Optimal protection with a luggage compartment mat / trunk mat!

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