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Don't let the cute name "Mäusekino" distract you, because it is actually a tuning measure for your vehicle that was even available ex works at the time. Very small screens in vehicles are referred to as mouse cinemas. Most of them are smaller than 15 inches. But there are other definitions. Hence, an illuminated dashboard is also called a mouse cinema. The name originated from the first Opel Senator / Omega, which was equipped with a digital speedometer. The experts said early on: "The car is pretty chubby, it even has a real mouse cinema in it." The name mouse cinema soon established itself. Another meaning for Mäusekino is the LED current consumption display or the LED tachometer. Also the 21 x built bb Buchmann VW Polo Carat had this technique. There it was called DINFOS Digi-Cockpit.

Nice lighting for every vehicle

Mouse cinema explanation tuning blog

A Mice Cinema is standard on many vehicles. The illuminated fittings provide an eye-catcher and at the same time create a modern atmosphere. But there are also some vehicles that do without individual lighting. Usually there is only a small lamp, which shows you the speedometer in low light conditions. But that does not seem very modern and at the same time very boring. Therefore, you can retrofit a mouse cinema. For this, the entire fitting must be removed, which is now replaced by a luminous model. Of course you can decide how your mouse cinema should look like in the end. Today there are many different types, such as various colors. Even different light modes are possible, so that the mouse cinema constantly changes color.

Another type of mouse cinema

Mouse cinema explanation Tuningblog3
Factory-fitted mouse cinema - Audi Virtual Cockpit

If you do not want to replace or extend the entire fitting, you can opt for a different kind of mouse cinema. These are small LEDs on technical devices, such as the radio. Although there are many illuminated elements here as well, but the lighting is missing, the interior looks ordinary. With a mouse cinema you can provide an exciting look. The Mice Cinema has one more advantage than just looking good. In low light and darkness, the handling of electronic devices is complicated. After all, you do not see exactly what you are doing. But if you have integrated a mouse cinema, you can quickly make all the settings.

Do not let yourself get distracted!

One of the essential aspects of the Mice Cinema is that it does not distract you. Too many flashing lights quickly make you stop focusing on the road. That's why it's important that you do not overdo it with the Mice Cinema. Especially in complete darkness it can otherwise lead to life-threatening situations. It is practical if you get advice from a specialist. He can show you the possibilities of the mouse cinema.

Mouse cinema explanation Tuningblog2
Solutions for retrofitting

Of course that had not happened yet!

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