Maintain the leather interior with a color refresher!

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Color freshener leather interior car cleaning 3 e1603435295847 Maintain leather interior with a color freshener!

Color fresheners for the cockpit are well known to many. But color fresheners for the car seats are rather unknown. The products are available specifically for leather seats, for example, and do not only have to be used by experts. The color refreshers can be used and applied by vehicle owners themselves. The prerequisite for use is of course that the color of the color refresher matches the leather color of the vehicle.

Color Freshener - what is it?

Color Freshener Leather Interior Car Cleaning 5 Maintain the leather interior with a color freshener!

Color fresheners offer drivers who have leather seats in their vehicle a conditional repair option on their own. Color fresheners can be mixed by leather and color specialists in order to preserve the color of the respective leather seat. Ready-mixed color fresheners for leather seats in common colors are also available in stores. If you are not sure whether you can order the right color for your leather seats online, you should consult a specialist retailer and have a color refresher specially mixed for your leather seats or contact the online dealer with the vehicle documents and the exact designation of the leather upholstery . Specialist dealers who mix color fresheners for the leather seats can, for example, mix the right color using a leather sample. The user can, for example, send a headrest with the corresponding leather cover to the specialist dealer. The specialist retailer explains exactly what he needs to mix the color refresher.

Use color freshener - correct pretreatment

Color freshener leather interior car cleaning e1603435249289 Maintain leather interior with a color freshener!

Anyone who has bought a color freshener for their leather seats must clean them thoroughly before treating them. However, the cleaner should not be applied firmly, but rather gently. It is important that the car seats are not only clean, but also free of grease and that no cleaning residue is left behind. Most color fresheners for car seats need a grease-free surface in order to be able to work optimally. The leather surface can, for example, be degreased with leather cleaning spirit that is available especially for this purpose. Other degreasing agents are also possible, which interested users can inquire about in specialist shops. Anyone who works with special petrol to degrease the leather surface should not use too much and of course ventilate the vehicle well. Furthermore, the warning notices regarding the use of the specialty gasoline should be read carefully.

Pre-treat damaged surfaces

A damaged leather surface should be treated before applying the color restorer. For example, a sanding pad (soft version) can be used and the damage can be slightly sanded. After sanding, sanded leather residues should be removed. Is there a small hole? Then the area can be closed again with liquid leather.

Apply color refresher

Color Freshener Leather Interior Car Cleaning 4 Maintain the leather interior with a color freshener!

It is advisable to only apply the color refresher with disposable gloves. If the seams of the leather seats are of a different color, then these should be taped if possible so that they do not discolour. The color refresher should only be dabbed on the leather. A sponge is perfect for applying the color refresher. When you are done, you have to consider the drying time of the refresher. It is important that the warning and safety instructions for the product are read carefully before applying the color refresher. The application is not always the same, but can vary depending on the product.

Seal leather seats

Car seats should be sealed after the paint restorer is applied. Special greases are available in stores for car seats that keep the leather surface supple and at the same time repel dirt. The leather grease should be applied at regular intervals so that the leather seats stay beautiful for a long time. Depending on the instructions, the grease can be applied every few months. Color fresheners for leather car seats can be a cheap alternative to saddlery and make small wear and tear disappear. However, if the leather is very worn then a professional should be consulted. Tip: This is how the perfect car interior cleaning succeeds.

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