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Info: What are “Member Brace Sets” for the vehicle?

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Member Brace Set Kit Tuning Braces 3 Info: What are Member Brace Sets for the vehicle?

A Member Brace Set may work for some readers, especially for those who are committed to the subject Track tools and motorsport are already well known. But what exactly is it? What are "Member Brace Sets" and what should be considered when installing and purchasing? A memeber brace set is a kit that an special points on the sub-floor of the vehicle is attached and for the reinforcement respectively for the stiffening of the vehicle. "Braces" - in German strut or support - have the sense that To stabilize the driving behavior of the vehicle, in which particularly stressed areas of the frame or the chassis are relieved and the forces are distributed to the struts of the Member Brace Set.

the principle of a strut brace

Most production vehicles own none Such efforts, since everyday vehicles are not driven so sportily that the factory installation is absolutely necessary. However, some sports cars have so-called "Sway bars“, Which have a similar mode of action as the struts. They can be installed ex works or they will retrofitted. Nevertheless, "braces" are more effective because they are usually thicker than "sway bars" and therefore more and better can distribute the force.

Member Brace Set Kit Tuning Brace Braces Info: What are Member Brace Sets for the vehicle?

Legal concerns only arise if the vehicle manufacturer explicitly prohibits the use of such braces, as it can be assumed that there is a risk to other road users. Since this is generally not the case, reinforcements on the frame or chassis can in most cases without ABE, registration or acceptance be installed as long as the stability and integrity of the assemblies mentioned are not disadvantageous to be changed. Nevertheless, it is better to contact a test engineer before installation and explain the situation to him. Because a general statement can be made here can not be make.

Member Brace Set Kit Tuning Braces 4 Info: What are Member Brace Sets for the vehicle?

When installing it is important that the struts the Movement other components can not be change disadvantageously (especially the chassis parts) and the rigidity of the frame is also allowed, of course not disadvantageous to be changed. Specifically, no load-bearing components may simply be removed from the vehicle just to make space for the new "carriers". It is also important that this be reasonable welded or screwed to ensure that their function is carried out safely and reliably.

For which vehicles are the struts suitable, what is popular and what variations are there?

There is no restriction to certain vehicles - a "Member Brace Set" can be installed in almost every vehicle. However, there are ready-to-install kits for many models that can either be welded in or screwed in. If no such models are available, special struts can be made especially for a vehicle without problems and at low cost.

Member Brace Set Kit Tuning Braces 5 Info: What are Member Brace Sets for the vehicle?

"Braces", which are installed in the area of ​​the wishbones, to stiffen the area of ​​the underbody and to take the load off the chassis components are particularly popular. It is also very helpful if the front and the rear subframe be connected to each other with two crossed struts in an "X" shape. However, this is only possible if the vehicle naturally has two subframes. The different variants range from x-shaped struts to straight and curved struts to mixtures of x-shaped and straight struts. Combinations that extend over the entire sub-floor are also possible.

With regard to the fastening, there are also variants that can be screwed to the original fastening points. But here it basically depends on the vehicle and of course the Member Brace Set.

Example: Mustang with Steeda Extreme G-Trac Brace

The Steeda S550 Mustang Extreme G-Trac Brace (K-Member Brace) is suitable for Mustang GT vehicles from model year 2015. Whether EcoBoost or V6. The set is a direct screw-on addition and enables an improved front chassis bracing. The set mounts near the wishbone brackets and helps to make the connection between the wishbone brackets and the back of the subframe amplify. The result is an effective stiffening of the chassis, as the suspension geometry changes under heavy cornering / chassis loads can not be changes.

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