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Useful helper at the gas station: the misfueling protection!

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Diesel only misfuelling protection SoloDiesel Tuning e1604554663250 Useful helper at the gas station: The misfuelling protection!

Everyone has heard of it before. Any acquaintance (or maybe yourself) accidentally put gasoline in his diesel vehicle. Most engine fans can usually only smile tiredly about it. But such a small mishap can happen to anyone. For example, if you are distracted or in a hurry or if a friend is on the road with your beloved car and is not very familiar with the vehicle. For some time now, the major automobile manufacturers Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover and Peugeot have been using special technology ex works to prevent incorrect fueling. But even if your own vehicle does not have this technical gimmick installed as standard, there is a solution: To avoid expensive mistakes when refueling, there are retrofittable ones in the tuning scene Misfueling protection attachments.

installed in a few seconds

Diesel only Misfuelling protection SoloDiesel Tuning 1 e1604554721863 Useful helper at the gas station: The misfuelling protection!

This is a snap-on component which is intended to prevent gasoline from being accidentally filled into the diesel tank. When the petrol nozzle, which has a smaller diameter than the diesel counterpart, is inserted, it automatically seals off the tank opening. Small barbs prevent the narrower gasoline nozzle from being inserted. The wider diesel trunk, on the other hand, presses the barbs to the side with a cam. This avoids expensive towing. In the last year alone, the ADAC had to go out over 4000 times to pump out the tanks of incorrectly filled vehicles. To the Towing costs Then there are the costs for pumping out the tank (150 to 200 euros) and often a tank cleaning (500 euros). If the engine was even started, then all lines must be cleaned (around 800 euros) and any consequential damage to the injection pump and the engine repaired (3000 to 8.000 euros). If you are unlucky, then engine damage has already occurred and the repair will be even more expensive or may no longer make sense due to economic aspects. So you can see that retrofitting a misfuelling protection makes sense.

Installation and the advantages and disadvantages

Diesel only Misfuelling protection SoloDiesel Tuning 2 Useful helper at the filling station: The misfuelling protection!

First of all, installing such an upgrade kit is really child's play. It is usually a single plastic component that is inserted into the tank opening. Consequently replaced there are also those installed ex works filler cap - Annoying screwing and screwing is eliminated. This makes the entire refueling process even faster and your hands stay clean. A relief, especially with the often dirty diesel. There are also many different sizes for a wide variety of car manufacturers and models. Disadvantages there are hardly any. It only has to be taken into account that the purchased attachment also fits your own vehicle model. You don't have to be afraid of the next police check. Most of the attachments are manufactured taking into account European standards. If you are unsure, it is advisable to take a closer look at the packaging. or a call to the manufacturer or one Test organization.

Misfuel protection provider

One of the well-known models is the SoloDiesel misfueling protection (Diesel Engine Protection). It prevents incorrect fueling of diesel in cars. The filler cap allows you to fill up with diesel fuel nozzles only. A petrol pistol does not fit into the tank opening. If you try to insert a narrower tap for petrol or super with the SoloDiesel misfueling protection, the lock automatically locks the tank flap. So he's blocking the tap. A misfuelling with gasoline or super is impossible! Another provider is "Diesel Head". The construction and technology of this system is similar.

Diesel fueled instead of gasoline

This situation occurs much less often. As a rule, the large diesel tank gun does not fit into a petrol tank nozzle. For this reason there is no technical solution to prevent this. But since there are always people who can manage even the most curious things, the provider has FUEL FRIEND something on the market for this situation. Namely a sign to stick in. The Tankfreund is installed in all vehicles in a few seconds and can prevent incorrect fueling. The Tankfreund is of course also available for the common situation "Petrol in the diesel tank". It is a universal solution that is inexpensive in comparison and can also be used for entire fleets.

Misfueling protection retrofit tank cap SoloDiesel Tankfreund Useful helper at the filling station: The misfuelling protection!

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Diesel only Misfuelling protection SoloDiesel Tuning 3 Useful helper at the filling station: The misfuelling protection!

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