Nippon Tuning - a trend from Japan is coming to Europe

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Nippon tuning Honda Prelude e1557811769417 Nippon tuning a trend from Japan is coming to Europe

Nippon is a reading form of Japanese spelling. The term is often associated with products from Japan. So it is also in the tuning of Japanese vehicles, such as Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan and Suzuki. At the latest after the successful tuning series of The Fast and The FuriousIn which many Japanese vehicles were used, the Nippon tuning is very popular and is finding more and more followers. In the The Fast and the Furious movies as well as in the Nippon Tuning scene it's not about subtle tuning, but about wild and extreme tuning. That's why you'll also find various tuning parts for Nippon vehicles.

Body and aerodynamics tuning

Toyota Celica T23 Tuning Nippon tuning a trend from Japan is coming to Europe

Wild spoilers and huge rear wings are common with Nippon tuning. Widebody kits are therefore available for many common Nippon vehicles, many “normal” body kits but also front and rear diffusers. For classic vehicles such as the Nissan Skyline, you can also get almost innumerable components, such as complete engine hoods with air openings, widened front and rear fenders as well as tailgates made of real carbon and lots of wings that not only look good, but also have the same strength have less weight. Providers are for example Seibon Carbon or Z-Tune. Of course, classic tuning details such as exterior mirror covers, radiator grille and headlight covers can also be found in the Nippon scene. In the area of ​​headlights and taillights, there are also offers from various suppliers for the most common Nippon vehicles in chrome, black or a combination of chrome & black. Side indicators, fog lights and daytime running lights are also available from many suppliers. The trends are actually available relatively quickly for Nippon vehicles, such as lugnuts.

Chassis - as deep and sporty as possible

Toyota Celica T23 widebody tuning e1557574920243 Nippon tuning a trend from Japan is coming to Europe

Since many Nippon models are often used in the drift area, you get a lot of stiffeners for Nippon vehicles. UltraRacing in particular is such a provider who offers various stiffeners for many Nippon vehicles, but also cross struts and other accessories. There are chassis from the common chassis manufacturers but also from less well-known in this country such as 7Twenty or Öhlins. Of course, wheel spacers are also available in all dimensions for Nippon vehicles. Track and camber adjusters are popular for show & shine effects. And that too Interior tuning comes in this scene not too short. For Nippon vehicles you get, as usual for other vehicles, many universal parts for the interior ranging from the small gear knob to the roll cage or high-quality bucket seats.

Engine and exhaust system

Borla sports exhaust tuningblog 4 Nippon tuning a trend from Japan comes to Europe

In exhaust systems, everything is available in Germany from the exhaust manifold over complete sports exhaust systems from catalytic converter to final pots, what your heart desires. For the tuning classics there are turbo upgrades, various downpipes, air-intake systems and much more. Of course, also various sports air filter mats and so-called sport air filter mushrooms for vehicles of the category Nippon Tuning are available. For those whose engines require more cooling, Nippon vehicles also have larger radiators and even systems for dry ice cooling, etc. As Nippon vehicles like to get higher horsepower, torque brackets are also available for the engine damper. One of the renowned tuners specializing in Nippon vehicles is, for example, Wald International. For example, Wald recently unveiled a Toyota GT86. Wald International has equipped the Toyoa GT86 with an Aero kit consisting of front apron, side skirts and fenders, rear apron, spoiler, four tailpipes, sports suspension and two-tone rims. Typical Nippon.

Honda Acura Tuning Specialist AKR Performance 2 Nippon tuning a trend from Japan is coming to Europe

Of course that had not happened yet!

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