Shifting at full throttle - the no-lift shift function!

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Automatic conversion of manual gearbox Manual gearbox, even at full throttle, the No Lift Shift function!

The no-lift shift function is particularly interesting for turbo engines in order to maintain the boost pressure during the clutch process. Because when the gear is changed, the accelerator pedal position cannot be left at full throttle. With the No-Lift Shift function, however, this is exactly possible. The no-lift shift function is designed so that the actuation of the clutch is registered. The speed is then regulated to an adjustable level. Regulation takes place by interrupting the ignition. In turbo engines, the boost pressure is immediately there in the next gear. The engine does not have to be overturned. The no-lift shift function is discussed in more detail below.

No-Lift Shift - for tuning enthusiasts

No Lift Shift Function Launch Control Tuning Switch the No Lift Shift function even at full throttle!

The no-lift shift function is often used with a Launch Control combined. There are therefore many names on the Internet such as Launch Control always in combination with the term No-lift shift to find. Corresponding boxes are available for purchase in specialist shops, which offer both the launch control and the no-lift shift function. While the tuning enthusiast can continue to go full throttle with the no-lift shift function during the gear change, the Launch Control intervenes when the start is stationary. The driver can go full throttle when the start is stopped and the Launch Control registers the clutch actuation. As with the no-lift shift function, the speed is also regulated to an adjustable level with the Launch Control. The ignition is interrupted for this purpose. The driver immediately has boost pressure when the clutch is released without the engine being over-revved. With the launch control, you don't have to accelerate halfway, the driver can immediately step on the accelerator and start optimally. In addition to the launch control installation and programming, there are other requirements. For example, a new clutch pedal sensor and often also new throttle or accelerator sensors are required for installation.

The installation of a launch control with no-lift shift function should be carried out professionally. The appropriate software is also required to set the parameters. This should also be available from specialist dealers when purchasing a launch control box.

No-Lift Shift - cannot be used in traffic

The Launch Control and the No-Lift Shift function are not suitable for road traffic. The boxes for speed regulation during the start and clutch process should only be used for vehicles that race or move on private property. When purchasing the vehicle components, the manufacturer states that the items are not intended for road traffic.

Programming also by experts

No Lift Shift function Launch Control Tuning 3 Switch the No Lift Shift function even at full throttle!

If you want to tune your vehicle and want to use the no-lift shift function, you should have the installation and programming carried out by specialists. Experienced tuners can help you choose the right device and program the functions. In general, you should pay attention to the optimal settings so that the functions work perfectly and the engine is not over-revved when starting and changing the clutch. The launch control boxes with no-lift shift functions are available from specialist retailers. When buying, you should rely on compatible new goods from well-known manufacturers who have received good customer reviews. With the function, it is possible to comfortably keep the accelerator pedal position at full throttle when changing gears. Some boxes even allow one Nitro injection to program with the software. The box should turn off at any time.

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No Lift Shift function Launch Control Tuning 2 Switch the No Lift Shift function even at full throttle!

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