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Everything in view - an organizer for the windscreen

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Who does not know it: You are out and about in a car or truck and you spontaneously come up with something that you must not forget. Of course, you want to save or note that, but when you are driving at full speed, taking out your cell phone for a note is not an option. And with “OK Google” or “Hey Siri”, the wrong results are very often given out. Wouldn't a simple solution be the best. For example an organizer that can be attached directly to the windshield? We want to take a closer look at these organizers and discuss the advantages, disadvantages and possible areas of application. Such notepads for the windshield and the dashboard are available from different manufacturers. For the sake of completeness, a few should be mentioned at this point: hr-imotion, carpoint, mobi lock or hp

Advantages of such a notebook?

Organizer Notepad Windscreen Tuning 3 Everything in sight an organizer for the windshield

The benefits are actually obvious. Even if you have to write something down or write down, you do not have to completely avert your gaze from the road, but you can keep an eye on the traffic while you make a little note. Another advantage is clearly the price. Between 5 and 15 Euro are already good holders for the notepad to get. These can then either be attached directly to the windshield or be attached by means of a suction cup on the dashboard. Another advantage is that the use of such a notebook does not result in punishment by the police. In contrast to mobile phone use at the wheel.

Disadvantages of such a holder

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A definite disadvantage is definitely the distraction anyway. Even if you still have your eyes partially on the road, you do not concentrate fully on the traffic and only have one hand on the steering wheel. This of course creates an increased risk potential for you as a driver, but of course for other road users. For this reason, the use of the notebook should always be made in moderation and if possible delivered to the passenger. Another disadvantage, especially with cheap models, is that the suckers do not always hold well. If you press too hard when writing, it may happen that the entire holder comes loose. For this reason, previous reviews of other buyers should be thoroughly researched. And of course, such a handwritten block is somehow old school in vehicles that are partly already completely autonomous.

For whom is a notebook suitable?

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In itself, such a notebook is suitable for anyone who drives a lot of cars. Basically, the use in trucks is most useful, since it is certainly during a longer trip to phone calls, etc. can come what a small note entails. How often does the dispatcher call and specify another / new / different target !? Almost every truck driver knows this. The same applies to sales representatives who make many phone calls while driving and therefore have to take regular notes.

Use always with a certain caution

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