Indoor and outdoor temperature display for the vehicle

Who does not have new cars or an older car, maybe even with H license plate, has also installed mostly no indoor and outdoor temperature display. Especially in winter, however, there is a desire to be informed in particular about the outside temperature. Therefore, there are ways to retrofit a temperature gauge. Advantages of an outdoor temperature display are, especially in winter, the information about ice slipperiness and freezing wetness. Therefore, most devices also have an ice detector, which warns of the so-called black ice even at temperatures above freezing (around 4 degrees Celsius), which can form on bridges, for example. The retrofitting of this function thus has a significant added value in terms of safety and is only rarely involved with high costs.

Which system for retrofitting?

There are a variety of thermometers that can be retrofitted. Accessories with a combined outdoor and indoor temperature display measure the internal temperature on the device. The outside temperature is tapped via an additional sensor, which is mounted on the outside. It must be ensured that this sensor is as protected as possible from heat-emitting components (Exhaust, engine compartment, brakes) is installed so as not to falsify the measured values. The outdoor sensor can be connected to the interior via a cable (this must then be moved accordingly) or there are also devices that communicate with the sensor via a Bluetooth connection. Then laying a cable is not required. however, often the battery at the sensor must be changed. Depending on the type of battery, this can also cause a lot of costs and sometimes be very annoying.

Temperature via car radio?

The temperature display can also be displayed in different ways on a car radio, but this requires a special sensor with transmission function. Here then the device compatibility must be checked accordingly. The indoor unit can either be battery operated or connected to the electrical system (via cigarette lighter or directly via the fuse box, which requires an additional laying of another cable). When installed via the electrical system, many devices are also combined with a voltmeter, which can provide additional added value. Then you get additional useful information about the state of charge of the battery, etc. If you want to capture more temperatures, other temperature sensors can be set up (Cooling water, oil ...), which requires more technical skill and expertise than laying an outdoor temperature sensor. Here one should inform oneself exactly about the technical possibilities and changes.

or via app for the smartphone

Finally, the possibility to mention by means of mobile phone app, which can also access an outside temperature sensor via Bluetooth. In this variant, then eliminates another indoor unit, which can make sense, if one the interior (For example, in the case of an older vehicle in its original condition, H license plate, oldtimer ...) does not want to spoil by another optically inappropriate device, but additionally wants information about the outside temperature. But even this variant requires the regular replacement of the battery in the transmitter.

the installation can often be done by yourself

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