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Classics for the hat shelf - everything that used to be!

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cushions hat rack auto nodding dachshund toilet paper roll Classics for the hat rack what used to be there!

When the space between the rear seat and the rear window became a storage space in the 50s, the generation of cars had only just freed itself from the headgear obligation of their fathers. The consequence: creative housewives designed the hat rack with ideas according to your wishes. The car was using at this time mobile icons the German cosiness to the rolling parlor.

The crochet hat for toilet paper!

To this day, the toilet roll for on the go on German Autobahn toilets is actually used essential remained. And that the lovingly made in-house colorful hat looks better than the bare roll of toilet paper, nobody will deny it. With just one glance you can see the car owner's sense of beauty and you will only steer carefully into the parking space next to it.

Haekelhut toilet paper hat hat rack pillow hat rack pillow e1618913539833 Classics for the hat rack what used to be there!

The wife also has to deal with the Toilet roll cover parcel shelf no longer worry about your spouse, the ladies are made very clear: This man is in steady hands. Only one more Barbie dollperched on the crochet hat can reinforce this statement. And the original idea has long been further developed by imaginative crocheters. The crochet hat can be decorated with turtles, elephants, snowmen, the football logo, the vehicle manufacturer or whatever else comes to mind.

The confession pillow!

The license plate, embroidered on a cushion cover and over a cozy cushion behind the rear window, was considered to be a proof of love for one's own car in the 60s. What used to be associated with a lot of work, you don't even have to do it yourself today. A number stick order is now quickly given and can be bought for a small thaler. Other motifs on the cuddly confessions can be delivered ready-made in various online shops or at Grandma's.

cushions hat rack auto dachshund toilet paper roll 2 classics for the hat rack what used to be there!

For example, the US flag to match the Chevrolet, the Cobra for a Shelby or the banner of your own state. During the World Cup then the black-red-gold pillow and for the time in between the logo of the favorite football club. Even very own ideas can be realized.

The bobble dog

Never drive alone again. The Wackeldackel became a loyal companion for numerous lonely motorists in the 60s. With his melancholy-patient nod he had a calming effect on the driver of the following car and thus prevented rear-end collisions. While the nodding dachshund provided fun for the children in the rear on the annoying cobblestone streets, he was seen as a shining example of positive thinking by doubts.

Bobble dachshund tuning classics for the hat rack what used to be there!

Shortly before the loyal nick dog "extinct“Was, a commercial in 1999 gave it new popularity. In addition to the garden gnome, the nodding dachshund has long been considered the original German. Even other dog breeds brought out by toy manufacturers could not overtake the bobble dog.

PS: No matter what is built in back there, in an accident everything becomes a projectile! (Keywords car pillow, crochet hat, colorful hat, toilet roll cover, toilet paper hat, toilet hat, nicking dog, crochet pillow, hat rack pillow, hat rack, pillow)

cushions hat rack auto dachshund toilet paper roll 2 classics for the hat rack what used to be there!

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700 PS V12 BMW X5 Le Mans E53 9 310x165 Classics for the parcel shelf what used to be there!

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Smart Roadster Brabus V6 Biturbo Limited Header 310x165 Classic for the parcel shelf that used to be there!

1956 Pontiac "The Chief" with LS supercharged V8!

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Verivox tuning blog credit 12 classics for the hat rack what used to be there!

go classics for the hat rack what used to be there!

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