As if by magic - retrofitting the parking steering assistant?

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Parking assistance systems can be found in modern, especially expensive or well-equipped cars. The systems are distinct from others parking aids to distinguish. Other parking aids can help the driver to enter a parking space using acoustic signals or cameras. These active parking aids are useful and can already be found in small and medium-sized cars. Parking steering assistance systems, on the other hand, react actively to the parking situation. The systems intervene and can drive the car itself. How this works and whether such a parking steering assistant can be retrofitted is explained below.

Park assist - how does it work?

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The parking steering assistant is more than just an active parking aid. The assistance system steers itself and parks the car. This is already known for higher-class cars and is used there ex works. The parking steering assistant is also interesting for the tuning area. Parking steering assistants supply the car with intelligent measurement sensors and intervene in electro-mechanical power steering during the parking process. Depending on the system, the parking space must first pass through a Backup camera be targeted and selected. If the parking space is selected and is found by camera, the parking assistant can measure the parking space. This is done using sensors that can measure across the direction of travel and are present on the vehicle. The parking assistant can report whether the parking space is suitable for the respective vehicle or not.

the car parks independently

If the size of the parking space is sufficient, the driver can stop as close as possible to the gaps and engage reverse gear. If reverse gear is engaged, the accelerator pedal should then be actuated lightly or carefully. The parking assistant then takes over the parking. If the car is in the parking space, the driver can correct it by moving forward or let the parking assistant assist the vehicle to drive forward. It depends on the system whether a parking steering assistant can make parking corrections. There are even systems on the market that are specially designed for vehicles with Pendants developed and can park it perfectly. There are also systems that can correct the maneuver when parking, several times. The functions are actually only dependent on the manufacturer and the wallet. In general, the driver must be able to intervene in the system at any time. The driver is responsible and must always keep an eye on the surroundings.

Retrofit parking steering assistant in the vehicle

The parking assistant can be retrofitted for certain vehicle types. The retrofit sets are available in stores. However, they should only be purchased from specialist dealers and installed by specialists or experienced tuners. After all, the system intervenes directly in the steering and sometimes even has complete control over the accelerator and brakes. The effort is correspondingly high and you should definitely consider whether the costs cover the benefits. There are also various systems in which, for example, the driver still has to press the accelerator pedal because the park assist only takes over the steering. The terms for the parking assistant can be different. A well-known car manufacturer from Stuttgart calls the system "Parktronic". Park assistants or "Park Assist", in turn, are called by other car manufacturers. Whether a car is suitable for retrofitting a park steering assistant depends on the vehicle type and the retrofit kits available. Interested car owners can find help in a tuning and specialist workshop. The approval modalities should also be clarified before purchasing.

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