Practically but also expensive - the personlifter in the car!

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Passenger lift Wheelchair loader Wheelchair lift Charging e1573015367546 Convenient but also expensive for the personlifter in the car!

Passenger lifts are devices with the help of which people can be lifted. They are mostly used in the care of sick and disabled persons to support the nursing staff. With a personal lift it is also possible for a daintily-built nurse to lift even heavy patients, for example, to transfer them from bed to wheelchair. This purpose is also served by passenger lifts for the car.

Why a person lift?

Passenger lift Wheelchair loader Wheelchair lift Charging lift 2 e1573015415373 Convenient but also expensive for the personlifter in the car!

For a wheelchair user getting in and out of a car is usually very difficult. If no aids are available, one or more assistants must lift them out of the wheelchair and into the car. The assistants must be strong accordingly. Since car doors are often narrow, there is also the problem of getting the wheelchair user through and on the seat without causing unpleasant or even painful collisions. A person lift takes over the lifting work and allows the getting in and out with only one helper, even if this does not have the necessary physical strength to safely lift the wheelchair user. Alternatively, there are even systems that are responsible for the entire work, to loading the wheelchair. Then no auxiliary person is necessary.

What are the options?

With which person lifters you can equip your car depends on the vehicle model, as well as on the type of wheelchair and the extent of the restrictions of the wheelchair user. The most practical form of the person lifter is a lifting platform. On this the wheelchair user can drive himself with the wheelchair. A push of a button starts the lifting mechanism. The platform carries him to the height of the vehicle floor and he can roll from there into the car interior. Lifting platforms can be installed at the rear or side door of vans, caravans and small trucks. A prerequisite for their use, however, is a corresponding size of the car. For example, despite the weight of the platform, including the wheelchair user and the wheelchair, the car should not tip over. It is also important that you definitely use a lifting platform designed for people and not a loading platform. Only person lifts have the necessary safety precautions.

For smaller vehicles in which the wheelchair user is transported sitting on a seat and not in his wheelchair, a lifting device is recommended, which is attached to the door, on the roof or inside the vehicle. Here, the wheelchair user, for example, with a harness attached to a pivoting arm and automatically raised. An assistant helps him get in and out, for example by lifting his legs, and folds and loads the wheelchair.

As already mentioned above, the latter can also be carried out using an automatic loading aid. However, this is not a person lifter, as it only loads the wheelchair and not the wheelchair user himself. more information is available here. Regardless of which variant you choose, the main thing to pay attention to when installing a loading aid for people is safety. Let experts advise you which solutions are suitable for your car and wheelchair users and let the professionals carry out the installation in the workshop so that everything is really firmly and securely in place. PS. One of the companies that do special conversions for people with disabilities is Paravan. The is a prime example of what is possible Mercedes Sprinter from Janis McDavid.

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Passenger lift Wheelchair loader Wheelchair lift Charging lift 3 Convenient but also expensive for the personlifter in the car!

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