Converting from a normal car to a police vehicle!

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If you want to convert a car into a police vehicle, you can do this with almost any vehicle. Depending on the car, the effort can vary. The main changes that have to be made here mainly concern the vehicle electronics. For example, there is the radio. Since, of course, as a private person you cannot / may not buy a police radio, a comparable one is also possible here CB radio on. Depending on the space required, the console can either be exchanged with the car radio or installed somewhere in or an the center console. In order to be able to lay the cable for the antenna properly, you have to partially remove the cladding in the interior and a power connection is also necessary.

Police car needs Special signal systems Martinshorn blue light E1576214416785


Of course, that also belongs to a police vehicle Special signaling system (Soši). Depending on the model you choose, the attachment is either via a magnet or fixed to the vehicle roof. If you decide to mount it on the vehicle roof, you have to cover the (headliner), since you have to drill holes in the vehicle roof for the screw connection. It is important in this context that you use sealing screws when fastening, not that you have a leaky vehicle roof when it rains.

Design and legal situation for a police vehicle

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Another feature of a police vehicle is of course the design. The main thing here is what basic color the car has. Because depending on the base color, for example in the case of silver, it is easier to stick on the vehicle in the typical police design. Alternatively you can of course also the car in the appropriate colors paint, But this is associated with a much greater effort. But there are also older color combinations. For example, gray blue / fir green, olive green / light ivory, green / white or green / silver. But since you may not only have to work on the surface, but also masking, applying the paint and much more, the effort is sometimes extensive. Finally, of course, the question arises: can you convert a car into a police vehicle at all? Basically you have to be careful. If you act purely as a private person, you are operating in a legally dangerous area.

Because the use of the police lettering or the presence and use of a special signal system are not permitted. The word “police” is not protected, but everything together can certainly lead to problems. That could even be seen as presumption of office. Using a police car would only be legally relatively harmless on private property. But even here you are not allowed to drive around with the siren switched on. Use in public traffic areas is definitely not approved. You also have to consider that the conversion requires TÜV.

The special signal system even makes acceptance, as far as we know, possible. Because this fact cannot be assessed under road traffic law. But it looks different when you are on the road with it. Because that is not allowed! And unfortunately the strict legal situation regarding its use is also valid if it is an old police vehicle. Here, too, you are not allowed to move such a vehicle as a private person due to its appearance in public traffic areas. However, there are exceptions where, for example, the special signal system is covered or the vehicle is used for a classic car exhibition / classic car ride. But here, too, there are some paragraphs that need to be clarified very precisely. The topic has no place in this post! We don't want to provide legal advice!

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