Advantages and disadvantages of the port injection system / manifold injection!

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What is Port Injection System? Port Injection is a kit that installs between the intake manifold and cylinder head and runs on a low pressure supply to deliver more fuel to the engine than the stock system can do. It's a relatively easy system to install, usually no permanent changes required on your car. The injection nozzles are located at the port injection at the air inlet. When the engine draws in air that is later compressed, the injectors spray a fine mist of fuel onto it, which mixes with the intake air as it is drawn into the engine.

Port injection system

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The air-fuel mixture is compressed and then ignited to complete the combustion process in the engine. But what are they Benefits a port injection? Port injection has been around since the 80s when it replaced the carburetor. With port injection, fuel is injected directly into the air intake, which is then drawn into the engine to fuel the combustion cycle. The advantage of port injection is that the air mixes evenly with the injected fuel before it is fed into the cylinder. When the air-fuel mixture is evenly mixed, the combustion process can burn all of the fuel injected into the engine cylinder, which also reduces carbon build-up from unburned fuel.

What problems are associated with port injection?

There isn't necessarily anything wrong with the port injection, it's just that the direct injection the newer of the two technologies is. Because port injection injects fuel through the back of the intake valves, you don't have to worry as much about carbon build-up in the engine as with direct injection. Engines with port injection have gradually been replaced by engines with direct injection, since a higher mileage can be achieved with direct injection.

Example: Port Injection System BMW engine

It's the ultimate refueling solution for anyone looking to get over 500 horsepower with E85 compound. An N54 Port Injection intake manifold kit with 750cc injection valves and fuel line is available from Burger Motorsport for the BMW E60, E61, E71, E82, E88, E89, E90, E91, E92, E93 (engine 135i, 335i, 535i, 740i, sDrive35i, sDrive35is, xDrive35i). The tuning kit replaces the factory-made plastic intake manifold with a high-quality, high-strength aluminum manifold with direct attachment. The connections for the injection openings are integrated on the top. 

Summary information about the port injection:

  • On the subject of the TPI system: it is particularly versatile and adjustable and is now often used in Hod Rod and performance road vehicles
  • The heart of the TPI system is its special intake manifold
  • a tuning port injection ensures an increase in torque and horsepower compared to a carburetor or throttle valve injection
  • The fuel is delivered via a high-pressure fuel pump in the fuel tank (regulated fuel pressure of approx. 35 psi)

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