Accents on the tires put with tire markers

Tire marker Tire marker Tire pin Tuning

Tire marker (also called tire marking pen, tire pin, etc.) are an easy way to make your own tires out of the mass of black tires. Already for a few euros, such a pen can be purchased in white or other colors in various workshops, Bauhaus or online. But what can such a Reifenmarkierstift indeed?

Historical to the tire marker

Tire marker Tire marker Tire pin Tuning 2

Vehicle tires have developed just as drastically as the vehicles themselves since the first automobiles were created. Originally of white color, black tires were soon produced due to changes in the composition of the tire rubber. In the 1930s, so-called "Whitewall tires“In fashion, the hallmark of which were wide white stripes on the sidewall of the tires. White or colored lettering was also applied to the tires; think, for example, of the look of various muscle cars from the 80s and 90s.

Tire marker as a sticker alternative

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Nowadays, most tires are completely produced in black. Inscriptions of the manufacturer are held as fine elevations also in black and thus hardly visible. To emphasize the lettering offer tire markers, also called tire pins, in addition to the tire tickers at. These pens essentially correspond in their appearance to conventional permanent markers or touch-up pens. The tip enables line widths of 2 - 4 mm in order to be able to cover structures of different fine structures. The composition of the paint should allow easy application and long-term durability on various rubber surfaces. Most tire markers are available in white, but, as already mentioned, some colored pencils are also available.

Application of a marking pen for tires

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The manufacturers promise a simple application and long durability. The tire should be clean and dry before use. The pen can then be used like classic markers: it must be shaken and the tip pressed a few times, then the application of the paint color can begin. After a short drying time, the paint is smudge and waterproof, as well as weather resistant. The durability of the paint depends on the tire load and in principle is very durable. Users report, however, that retelling the font about every 2 months is necessary to get the font in a nice white. Dirt can be difficult to remove from the writing, with time, this creates a greyish color.

Reworking must be scheduled

However, due to the ease of use, retightening should be quick and easy - especially with a little practice. Another thing to remember is that the pens are waterproof and difficult to remove. Care should be taken when using chemicals on tires so as not to endanger the structure and resilience of the rubber. Removal should therefore be carefully considered, small blunders during application should ideally be corrected before the paint dries in order to achieve a nice result. The choice is diverse. Currently there is the etire marker 8050 or the edding permanent marker 3000 in white, different colors of Techwills or DC Universe and also Markal has with the model 51420 a tire marker at the start.

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