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Racing pedals in the car? We have the information!

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Racing pedals in the car? We have the information!

Converting the pedals in the vehicle is a popular modification. However, a distinction must be made between the installation of pads for the standard pedals and the replacement of the complete set of pedals. One is a simple modification for the look and maybe a little more pedal feel and the other has a real use, especially in racing. This post is about the latter. If you are more interested in the topic of new pedal pads, you should read our article "Sportiness down to the footwell with a sport pedal set“Take a closer look.

Sense, benefit and the differences!

The sense and use of so-called Racing pedals is that, especially in motorsport vehicles, the pedals are easily accessible (because they are adjustable), as the seats are often permanently installed and cannot or can hardly be adjusted. The perfect symbiosis is achieved by standing pedals.

Racing pedals in the car? We have the information!

By installing such systems, the Brake booster removedto save unnecessary weight. Although this leads to additional braking effort, it is more precise. Since racing pedals are often made of lighter materials and offer many possibilities for adjustment, they are more precise than conventional pedals. Among other things, springs can be exchanged in order to reduce or increase the force applied during braking. The Slope, the height and how far the pedal stands out, can also be set to a certain extent, depending on the manufacturer.

the clutch pedal is sometimes smaller

Racing pedals in the car? We have the information!

Since in rally sport the clutch pedal is often only used for starting up and when the vehicle is stationary, the racing pedals are often very narrow and thin in order to save weight and to avoid being in the way while driving. The main differences between racing pedals and standard pedals are therefore that of the pedals standing instead of hanging are, often no brake booster is used that Container with brake and clutch hydraulics in the passenger compartment and not in the engine compartment and the clutch pedal is narrower. In addition, standard pedals can almost never be adjusted, which in turn makes them less precise.

Legal concerns and remodeling

An individual acceptance with entry by an expert, for example at TÜV is also possible, but is up to you. Because there are usually none for such pedals ABE, E-approval number or Partial report. Therefore, the registration can be costly, since probably one from the ground up Expert opinion must be created. From Removal of the brake booster we don't even need to talk here. Nobody enters that! And with an installation without expert opinion the operating license and / or insurance cover expires. The reason also lies in the higher risk. For example, by slipping off the brake pedal, since most of them do not Protection against slipping Offer.

The conversion is generally possible in any vehicle, but may require many adjustments. After simply installing the system, the lines for the clutch and the brake system and of course the accelerator pedal must also be positioned differently, as the master brake cylinder and clutch master cylinder are now in the passenger compartment and no longer lying in the engine compartment. It may also be necessary to adjust the steering wheel and seat as the position of the legs changes.

Important properties:

  • Pedals should be easy to screw onto the vehicle floor (without welding or cutting on the vehicle floor)
  • Pedal transmission must be observed
  • Weight must be taken into account (2,0 - 3,0 kg without brake cylinder are common)
  • usual content: Pedals, balance beam, adjusting shaft for balance beam, brake cylinder, clutch cylinder including fork end piece (not necessary for cable pull version), liquid container, holder for container

High-end pedals features:

  • Pedals milled from the full
  • Adjustable pedal ratio (brake pedal): 5.05: 1 - 5.45: 1
  • fully adjustable pedal attachments (to adapt to the driver)
  • integrated / adjustable stop of the clutch pedal
  • adjustable position for the accelerator pedal
  • Accelerator pedal connection via Unibal
  • Weight less than 3 kilograms

Racing pedals in the car? We have the information!

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Racing pedals in the car? We have the information!

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Racing pedals in the car? We have the information!

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Racing pedals in the car? We have the information!

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Racing pedals in the car? We have the information!

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