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How to get your car ready for a rally: mini overview from tuningblog!

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abarth FIA ERC How to make your car fit for a rally: Mini overview from tuning blog!
The plan is to turn a street-legal car into a rally car? Then here are a few basic things to look out for. Of course, our info text is very general and especially diverse mandatory regulations for the different rally purposes and areas of application can not be considered. That would go beyond the scope. Basically, it should be considered in advance, what kind of race you want to participate with the renovation. Of course, it makes a huge difference whether later on pure Offroad- or Bergrennen is participated or whether the operational area is based on mixed subsoil or even just on Asphalt takes place.

many differences depending on the competition

The different racing events naturally place different requirements on the built-in technology, e.g. Vehicle weight, power, engine size, tiresg etc. These are summarized precisely and clearly in the organizer's regulations.

Special model SKODA FABIA Rally2 evo Edition 120 2 How to make your car fit for a rally: Mini overview from tuningblog!

first and foremost - security

The most important thing is of course your own safety. Therefore it is imperative to have a so-called Cage to be installed in the passenger compartment. This protects the driver in the event of a rollover, for example, and can be a life-saving measure. It is also advisable to assemble shorter ones Tow straps, which front and back be mounted on the vehicle in order to be able to quickly remove the vehicle from the track in the event of a crash. Also so-called strainer on the wheel housing of the drive axle are often stipulated, for example to protect the public but also vehicles behind from being blown up by dirt and flying stones. Some regulations also stipulate that a Fire extinguishing system must be installed. It is certainly a useful thing in a competition vehicle in general.

Roll cage retrofit tuning Roll cage How to make your car fit for a rally: Mini overview from tuning blog!

less vehicle weight - always good

On the topic weight loss a lot of performance can be achieved through spare parts and savings in the interior. Starting with sports seats, which offer not only less weight, but also more lateral support in the event of lateral forces, should be considered in the same breath to replace the standard belt with a point safety harness to replace. The advantage here is clear: Since the belt, which is fitted as standard, in the event of an impact, the entire force is mainly distributed to the shoulders and hips, the risk of injury is clear here greater. With the five-point belt, the forces acting on the body on impact become clear besser and evenly distributed over the body, which clearly increases the risk of injury reduced.

Harness belts Seat belts Sports belts Tuning How to make your car fit for a rally: Mini overview from tuningblog!

out - what is not needed

All unnecessary "convenience accessories" should of course be removed from the vehicle. A hi-fi system, panels in the engine and interior or carpets only create an increased weight and worsen the performance of the conversion trimmed for efficiency Glove compartment, air conditioning and back seat are easy in a rally car unnecessary. Even the standard glazing can save weight Plexiglass to be replaced and a Sport steering wheel On the one hand, it improves handling and saves additional weight. With these and other measures, you can definitely several hundred kilograms Save total mass.

Lynk Co. 03 Stripping racing version Tuning 13 How to make your car fit for a rally: Mini overview from tuning blog!

good lighting is important

Behind the rear window should be separate brake-lights and an additional one Dust light to be installed. There is definitely one for various events Extension of the front headlights advantageous. Regardless of whether there are additional lights on the front or on the roof, more light can usually not damage a rally vehicle.

Additional lights tuning car How to make your car fit for a rally: Mini overview from tuning blog!

the performance is often predetermined

Since the regulations usually have clear limits in terms of this capacity and Performance are set, most of it can be done by a short translation of the gearbox. In rallying, it's all about acceleration and not necessarily top speed. Of course it always happens on the nature of the competition at. PS: a Limited slip differential for perfect traction is of course a must.

Chassis and stability

The standard built landing gear is in most cases only partially suitable for off-road use and should therefore be replaced by a suitable one. braces front and rear counteract the forces that arise and increase vehicle stability in the race.

don't forget the aerodynamics

With a spoiler adapted to the route and driving style, higher cornering speeds can be achieved through optimized downforce. It can be braked later and accelerated earlier. This is always the case here too application decisive how big and how extensive a possible one Spoiling, a Cover from the underbody etc. is necessary.

necessarily an improved braking system

Of course, it is recommended an upgrade of the standard brake systemso that it is always ready to grab hold of it. Nothing is worse than one that's too small or too small Insufficiently cooled brake systemthat reacts too slowly due to overheating, for example. In case of doubt, it not only decides on the placement, but also between wall, tree or roadway, as well as the right tires required for the ground.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, it should be said can not be It depends on individual top components, but on one that is adapted to the driving style Overall setup of the carriage. And of course you should also consider the topic DMSB-KFP Keep in mind.

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