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Increased range with a replacement tank / additional tank

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REPLACEMENT TANK Additional Tank Built-in Tank Tuning 2 e1562735951302 Increased range with one spare tank / tank

Every driver who has ever traveled a long distance, has also had the desire for an additional tank once again when the fuel light flashes again. But even today's price fluctuations in fuel give rise to the idea of ​​being able to refuel a little more, if the price is just cheap. The following article will give you some important details about a replacement car tank. Especially for SUVs and especially for pickup additional tanks are quite popular. And those who like to travel in the outback and explore nature far off the beaten pistes will hardly come around for an extra tank.

What types of fuel tanks are there?

REPLACEMENT TANK Additional Tank Built-in Tank Tuning 3 Increased range with one spare tank / additional tank

First of all, you should think about what material should have the additional tank. There are the additional fuel tanks made of steel, plastic or aluminum. Today, most car manufacturers install a plastic tank. This is due to the simple processing of plastic, as well as the light basis weight. In addition, plastic is a robust material for fuel tanks. Another important aspect is the lack of corrosion susceptibility of plastic. However, a disadvantage of a plastic tank is that it must be completely replaced in the event of a problem such as a leak. For metal or aluminum, the problem area can usually be professionally re-welded. Yes, you can also do welding work on a tank! So there are a few pros and cons to consider for each type. Certainly, the advice of a specialist can be very helpful here. The principle is always identical. An additional tank allows you to carry more fuel and thus get more range.

REPLACEMENT TANK Additional Tank Built-in Tank Tuning 4 e1562736113788 Increased range with one spare tank / tank

Often installed and of good quality are tanks of:

  • Univateq
  • Borges & Seelze
  • planar

what you should know about the installation

If you're just hunking something on your car as a hobby, you should not lend a hand yourself. The installation can be very complicated and expensive. In addition, the additional tank must be approved by the TÜV. It should therefore be placed on the correct installation value. There are also two options for integrating the tank into the existing system: either with a built-in pump to allow the fuel to be pumped from the auxiliary tank to the main tank, or by means of
Switching between the main tank and the replacement tank. An advantage of the system with the pump is certainly that nothing has to be done on the fuel gauge here. When switching, one would have to think of an additional fuel gauge, otherwise one has no overview of its content. A tip for the practice is that both tanks are in the same installation position. Because so the filling can continue via the main tank. So there is no need to add an additional fuel gauge. Of course, a suitable place for installation is a prerequisite. Incidentally, each additional tank must be entered in the vehicle documents. In addition, all tank systems for auxiliary tanks should be supplied with a CE certificate.

How much does it cost to upgrade a replacement tank?

Workshop Vehicle repair tuning build yourself Increased range with a replacement tank / additional tank

Depending on which vehicle model you have, a replacement tank with all items can cost between 500 EUR and 1000 EUR. This includes the purchase of the tank (approx. 150 - 200 EUR), installation by a specialist workshop (approx. 350 EUR) and approval by the TÜV (approx. 100 EUR). However, you should have a specific cost estimate made for your vehicle. For some vehicles, suitable tanks are much more expensive and the installation is also billed according to effort. Also +2.000 EUR is a conceivable amount for some vehicles.

The advantages of a replacement tank at a glance:

  • Extend the range
  • Refuel in stock at low prices at the pump
  • significantly more independent in long stages

The disadvantages at a glance:

  • Installation can be expensive
  • nothing for selfmade projects
  • the new tank can affect the usability of the car (for example, if it is installed on the truck bed)
  • the vehicle gets heavier

a replacement tank for more range

REPLACEMENT TANK Additional Tank Built-in Tank Tuning e1562735875403 Increased range with one spare tank / additional tank

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