Ro-Dip process! To keep the classic car from rust forever?

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Ro Dip Procedure Oldtime Damage Originals 1 Ro Dip Procedure! To keep the classic car from rust forever?

Particularly Restomod conversions are currently in trend. But you put countless sums in the classic car, regardless of whether series status or with Tuning, then of course, at best, he should against forever Rust and more environmental influences to be secured. And that works with the so-called Ro-Dip process. Thanks to the invention from the body experts Bernhard Schad Classic car owners no longer need to fear rust on their favorites. As mentioned, the patented process is called Ro-Dip process and is in the company or workshop "Damage originals“ (Website) from Bernhard Schad in Bad Vilbel in Hessen, which takes care of the restoration of vintage cars with optical defects. The most common problem classic car owners encounter when visiting a restoration workshop is Rust, which damages the body immensely in the long run.

Ro-Dip process for the classic

Ro Dip Procedure Oldtime Damage Originals 4 Ro Dip Procedure! To keep the classic car from rust forever?

In order to counteract rust, Bernhard Schad has developed a concept, the Ro-Dip process, for years. It originated from the world-famous used in metals cathodic dip paintingwhich, however should not guarantees the car ewigen remains rust-free. The process should include material protected from corrosion by immersing it in basins filled with chemical agents and then placing it in a strongly heated (over 200 degrees Celsius) oven to remove the chemicals to burn in. A protective coating is to be achieved, but it is a classic car not one hundred percent Can protect against rust, because such a classic have many cavities and bulges in the body. Through the cathodic dip painting the entsteh bubbles when the body is immersed in the chemical bath, so that rust can still form in these areas later.

Ro-Dip process to prevent bubble formation

The newly invented Ro-Dip process The blistering can be prevented using more elaborate practices Umgehen. Oldtimers are mounted on a frame, which is the classic in the chemical tank längste instead of dipping sideways and rotating up to fifteen times in both directions. So that the body is properly protected against corrosion everywhere, there are some eleven dives and several basins with different work steps are required. First comes a Clean and Degrease of the classic car, so that everything can adhere well to the metal, then the vehicle becomes a Phosphate solution submerged and then it goes into a so-called Activation basin. Before applying the cathodic paint, the body is cleaned again and rinsed, with demineralized Water. It is called cathodic dip painting because the solution in the pool, among other things also enriched with water and water-soluble paint, is constant is energized.

With the current, the coating can stick to the material and get to all places so that the complete body, including all small branches and cavities, are protected from rust. However, owners have to dig deeper into their pockets for this type of treatment than for normal cathodic dip painting without rotation, which is available for approx 2.000 to 5.000 Euro gets. Do you want your car to be flawless for eternity Protecting against rust has to be invented for Bernhard Schads Rotation-dip process between 12.000 and 16.000 Euro pay. However, one must also bear in mind that the process is a lot more (time) consuming and the value of the car, regardless of whether it is a classic car or a "normal" vehicle, is increased, because it will look good forever and will not only become inoperable but also more unsightly due to rust.

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