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Roof Fins - Just Frills or Actually Efficient?

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Roof fins Roof fins Shark fins Tuning Roof fins Just frills or really efficient?

At first glance, these so-called roof fins are very reminiscent of the shark's dorsal fins. In fact, the word fin is also used to refer to the dorsal fin of marine animals. Thus, the function of these roof fins can be easily explained, since they actually serve the car, similar to a dorsal fin, by the air flow occurring (in the case of the shark - water current). This ensures that the car moves stable and straight to the direction of travel and the driving stability is strengthened. The risk of drifting is thus reduced and the air flow that moves around the car is elegantly steered around the car and the vehicle becomes streamlined especially at high speeds. Even with missiles or aircraft, such fins are used as controls to maintain or assist the direction of flight.

Roof fins / roof fins - tuning option

Roof fins Roof fins Shark fins Tuning 2 e1562817676800 Roof fins Just frills or really efficient?

So you can see that the roof fins not only look modern and sleek, but also have a stabilizing function and increase driving efficiency as well as optimizing the ride at high speeds. If you like to travel fast and want to accelerate a bit, the roof fins are just the thing for you, just because they not only strengthen the driving stability, but also make an extremely cool look. Roof fins can also be ordered and installed at a later date, whereby they are available in numerous different looks. A possible disadvantage of the roof fins could be that the car roof can be used by them only limited as a transport space. Car roofs are often used as separate storage spaces. Roof boxes or bicycle carriers for car roofs have become more and more fashionable in recent years and are used more and more frequently, especially for holidays, for example for skiing or hiking holidays.

Obstacle for roof racks of any kind

Roof fins Roof fins Shark fins Tuning 3 Roof fins Just frills or really efficient?

However, the installation of such roof racks is severely affected by existing roof fins. Roof fins are therefore only particularly effective if you want to drive safely at high speeds without drifting off. For normal everyday life, they are usually superfluous and can be neglected. However, if a modern and sleek car look is important to you, then such "shark fins" on the car are perfect for your needs. However, there are also areas in which roof fins are actually used. Due to their properties, they are ideal for racing cars and are therefore often used in professional car races. With their dynamic shape and their stabilizing function, the fins optimize driving at top speeds above 250 km / h and allow the vehicle to glide through the air flow. In addition to their cool appearance, Dachfinen are also useful in many ways, both for private drivers and for professional racing drivers.

Rooftop fins look fancy

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Roof fins Roof fins Shark fins Tuning 4 e1562818021696 Roof fins Just frills or really efficient?

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