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Headlining Tuning Car Heading Tuning Custom Headliner Car Tuning to top

With a complex headliner construction in the tuning vehicle, you can impress tuning fans and of course yourself every day. There are many ways to refine the headliner of the car. Learn in this post, which variants are prohibited by law and what benefits you will get by tuning.

Headliner tuning at the car

Headliner Tuning Car Headlight Tuning 3 Custom Headliner Car Tuning to top

Let's look at the variants, possibilities and applications of this kind of modification. Probably the cheapest option is a self-adhesive roof lining, a film and even simple sprays are available. You can work for your tuning in the headliner with individual fabrics and materials that have a self-adhesive coating. The durable fabrics are available in all imaginable colors and patterns. The partly glamorous films and fabrics give your vehicle an extra dose of elegance. For this, only the old headliner and the new must be glued. Alternatively, there are even variants that can be applied to the existing headliner. 

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  • Velcro products:
    - There are fabrics that have a Velcro strip sewn on; you can stick the counterstrip to the car roof with the help of the self-adhesive coating and simply attach the fabric. The tuning model creates comfort and cosiness in the vehicle interior if it is a perfect fit and has been properly attached.
  • Headliner made of real or artificial leather eg suede imitate:
    - The artificial leather covers for car headliners from the accessories are deceptively real. The high-quality imitation leather can be easily attached and they are easy to maintain. Selected genuine leather covers can also be purchased. Leather covers create a feeling of puristic elegance and permanently upgrade the vehicle. Here, too, there are differences in terms of quality and the method of installation.
  • Car Roof with starry sky:
    - An LED starry sky is particularly impressive, especially in luxury bodies, limousines and tuning vehicles, the elaborate interior refinements represent a great added value. There are voice-controlled modules with adjustable modes, e.g. romantic light, disco and flickering light, twilight or rhythmic light that on reacts to the beat of the music. Here the prices can easily go into the high four-digit range.
  • Dyeing materials for the self-design of the headliner:
    - You already have a neat and unused car roof and want to change it in a particularly easy way? With the right ones staining set you can get creative and spray your roof sky consuming with a spray can. Let your imagination run wild and make your roof sky with your own artwork. Use high-quality color pallets or sprays from selected manufacturers.

The sense and purpose of car roof tuning - advantages and disadvantages of the refinement measure

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Anyone who professionally prepares the car sky generally just wants to create a skilful ambience in the vehicle and impress the viewer in the long term. Advantages arise above all at tuning exhibitions, because vehicles with an impressive headliner structure often receive a better rating. This shows the real attention to detail. The sky on the vehicle can be designed individually and cast a spell over many tuning fans. There are hardly any negative effects. When attaching an LED starry sky lighting to the car roof, you should only make sure that the "stars" do not shine like a floodlight. According to the current catalog of fines, LED interior lighting that emits light to the outside may not be installed. In addition, it must be possible to switch off the lighting modules while driving. If the wrong interior lighting has a negative effect on the outside, the offense will be fined and the vehicle must be dismantled and demonstrated. And of course every headliner should be bombproof.

Examples of manufacturers of roof lining tuning material:

  • SJK Dream Team eg headliner with LED lighting
  • Fortis Tomasz Jakubow, for example for Alcantra fabrics
  • Coloring sets for car roof skies eg from Marabu or Foliatec

At the end... At every trade fair and exhibition, you can score with a professional headliner tuning. But also for the daily handling of the vehicle there are many possibilities. Find the right solution for you and design your vehicle according to your individual ideas.

the possibilities are almost unlimited

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