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Luxury for everyone - retrofit seat ventilation in your car!

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Seat ventilation Cooling seat cushion Seat ventilation e1575527271716 Luxury for everyone retrofitting a seat ventilation in the car!

Seat air conditioning is available for many cars - at least for the driver and front passenger seats. Although it is still a luxury feature that is rarely installed as standard, if you tick the box in the list of options, ventilated seats are even available in small cars. If the seat air conditioning works optimally, driving the car in both summer and winter becomes a pleasant experience. In summer the air conditioning cools down pleasantly and in winter it heats the bottom and back. Because she is almost always with one Heated seats combined. However, there are many cars in which such a device is not installed by default. And on older vehicles, this option was not even available for a surcharge. In such a case, the retrofitting of a seat air conditioning is worthwhile. Every automaker has its own system for this. In principle, a seat air conditioning but always works the same.

various retrofit kits available

Seat ventilation Cooling seat cushion Seat ventilation2 Luxury for everyone retrofitting a seat ventilation in the car!

Retrofit kits are available for many vehicle models. Once there are the retrofit kits directly from the car manufacturer and then the third-party, where the vehicle model, the year and a possible optional extras play no role. The latter is virtually nothing like a seat cushion with ventilation function. In principle, nothing else like the heated seat cushions, which we all know and there are some already under 20 € for connection to the cigarette lighter. Even such pads with ventilation function ensure a sweat-free and relaxed sitting. But we come only for retrofitting from the factory. Retrofitting is possible in car seats with a low foam build-up or leather seats. The scope of supply for such a retrofit kit includes fans, air distribution grids, the actual heating mats for the seat and / or for the backrest, a cable harness, the control unit and the tap-changer for heating and ventilation. Of course, a retrofit kit of this type has quiet fans, which are responsible for the circulation of the air.

Installation - independently or by the saddler

Seat ventilation Cooling seat pad Seat ventilation3 e1575527403462 Luxury for everyone Retrofitting a seat ventilation in the car!

The manual installation of a seat air conditioning is of course a bit tricky. Without knowledge of the wiring of the retrofit kit and how to integrate it in the car seat, you should not venture into the matter. In particular, if the car has side airbags, you should do the retrofitting yourself should not make. And if you are generally unsure, you should leave the installation of the retrofit kit to the workshop. The conversion to the seat air conditioning may also make sense, if you want to buy his car seats anyway just new. Anyone who has car seats made of leather, can also confidently go into the hands of a saddler. This covers a car seat on customer request anyway with fresh leather and comes so very well to the inner workings of the car seat. In such a case retrofitting a seat air conditioning with the help of a retrofit kit is less of a problem. Of course, the saddler must make sure that he uses perforated (punched) leather. Because only then does the generated air reach the body.

Retrofitting by means of seat cushion

Incidentally, the retrofitting with a significantly simpler and cheaper Cooling cushion, It is simply placed on the seat and is comparable to the heated seat cover mentioned at the beginning. Only the cooling seat cover still has the function of ventilation. Often, the intensity can be regulated in several stages and the attachment is also very simple and quick using various loops. In addition to the seat heating, the climate seat cover is even available with a built-in one massage function and the connection is almost always made via the cigarette lighter. Here you should of course make sure that the side airbag pad is suitable and ensures a comfortable and stable seating position.

Advantages of seat ventilation in the car

Basically, a seat air conditioning has the advantage that it is cool or warm on request. The heat or coolness is released through the car seat. A seat cooling or the corresponding heat that radiates over the car seat, generally ensures a higher ride comfort. Without such a device takes place at the back of the driver practically no exchange of air and one begins to sweat. We hope that you the info report on the topic / term seat ventilation (further designations / keywords: ventilated seat cover, air conditioning seat cover, cooling seat cover, perforating cover, perforated support, seat ventilation, seat air conditioning) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this lexicon and how far we are, you can HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. By the way, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

Seat ventilation Cooling seat pad Seat ventilation4 e1575527486924 Luxury for everyone Retrofitting a seat ventilation in the car!

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Convenient - Bed Rack / Carrier for the Car!

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