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Tuning term "Shocker Hand" - which can shock you?

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Shocker hand meaning tuning sticker 1 tuning term shocker hand which shock can?

More and more you see on tuned vehicles stickers with the so-called Shocker hand, So it is clear that this case is a tuning accessory, which really only visually makes sense and contributes in any area to increase the speed or performance of a car. Meanwhile, this symbol or character is already so popular that it is also available in many other variants such as a key fob.

What does the Shocker Hand really mean

Probably very few people in our latitudes know that the Shocker Hand is basically a sexual sign. This meaning is new to you, isn't it? Like so many trends, it has its origins in the USA. There it was designed by students from a high school in Pennsylvania. The shocker hand does not show a finger, that would have been too obvious and would never have found its way into the yearbook of this school. With the shocker hand, the thumb and ring finger are bent, the index and middle fingers and the little finger are stretched out. Everyone can imagine what kind of sexual practice, which in America is also often referred to as 'Two in the pink and one in the stink', is involved. It is not exactly clear whether this drawing was actually published in the school yearbook or not. What is certain, however, is that a heated discussion has broken out over time and the shock hand now also stands for completely different values. For many, this symbol means freedom and rebellion, the sexual background comes afterwards.

Shocker hand meaning tuning sticker tuning term shocker hand which shock can?

Rebellion is shown today with the shocker hand

In addition to many other stickers and stickers the sign of the Shocker hand in youthful circles stands for independence and freedom as well as the rejection of authorities. Since it is in the nature of things that a large tuning scene always goes against the usual rule, the Shocker Hand symbol is, of course, ideally suited to express that optically. Especially with Golf GTI drivers, stickers with the Shocker hand are very popular. But this symbol can also be found as a key ring and in many other forms on many everyday objects. Anyone who has attached a shocker hand to his car will quickly find like-minded people at vehicle meetings who also own this sticker and get into conversation with them. High-quality and long-lasting Shocker hand glue is available from various suppliers in various sizes to buy and as emoji or as a fragrant tree you can see the symbol more and more often.

Shocker hand meaning tuning sticker3 tuning term shocker hand which can shock you?

Of course that had not happened yet!

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