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The Side Wheelie - the fine art of stunt school!

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Side Wheelie Skiing Stund Auto The Side Wheelie the high art of stunt school!

For the Wheelie you basically only need enough power, tires with a lot of grip and a little courage. Would you like one Stoppie doing it is a little more difficult. Here you need a car with the shortest possible wheelbase, a good brake, and you shouldn't be a scaredy here either. A side wheelie, on the other hand, can be done with any car, but it is a very high art of driving. A side wheelie is also called skiing in English and belongs to the category of auto stunts. The side wheelie describes the lateral balancing of the car on two wheels. This stunt is often used in stunt shows and is also an integral part of the well-known series Knight Rider. And also for Goodwood Festival of Speed we have already seen cars circling the course on two wheels.

Which variants are differentiated?

Side Wheelie Skiing Stund Auto 2 e1581398853471 The Side Wheelie the high art of stunt school!

A side wheelie is an autostunt in which the car runs on two tires / wheels. This means that a front wheel and a rear wheel are involved in a side wheelie and are in contact with the asphalt, while the tires on the other side hang in the air. The side wheelie can be performed on the right or left side. It is spoken in the context of a side wheelie on the driver side and a side wheelie on the passenger side. The stunts are made possible in stunt shows with the help of ramps for opening. The ramps help lift one side of the vehicle.

Side wheelie - how can this be done?

Side Wheelie Skiing Stund Auto 3 The Side Wheelie the high art of stunt school!

A side wheelie can also be performed as a stunt without a ramp. However, this is only possible with cars whose gravitational center is located high. For example, a side wheelie can be performed with a pickup or SUV. To do this, the stunt driver must turn the steering wheel sharply at a certain speed, as if turning and then take countermeasures to rock the car. However, the stunt is only recommended if experienced stunt people perform it for a show and it should be clear that the action is allowed on public roads, without safety precautions and as a layperson REFRAIN is. The stunt technique without a ramp is much more dangerous than the variant with a ramp. The car could roll over completely or otherwise have an accident. The demonstration of a side wheelie can be simplified with a trick. Air can be released from the tires that are in contact with the road during the side wheelie. With this trick, the car tilts to the side more easily and the balance can be maintained better.

What if the car only drives on two wheels?

The car must be balanced throughout when doing a side wheelie. The stunt driver can do this by controlling the steering wheel and carefully steers the car. With a side wheelie, the driver has to steer the car straight and keep it on a line if possible. Curving is possible, but that makes the action even more difficult. And not every car is suitable for the stunt. As a rule, vehicles are used that have a limited-slip differential, such as 4 × 4 all-wheel drive vehicles. But we have also seen the side wheelie with trucks, ATVs and even with a bus. It is known since 1964, where it was presented at the World Fair by Tonny Peterson from Denmark. A side wheelie should only be performed by stunt drivers at appropriate shows. The stunt driver should have some experience to safely perform a side wheelie. As different as the techniques for demonstrating a side wheelie are, ramps are usually used in stunt shows to demonstrate the side wheelie. The following video shows that you can do the wheelie at almost 200 km / h. Crazy…

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Side Wheelie Skiing Stund Auto 4 e1581399040527 The Side Wheelie the high art of stunt school!

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