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What are so-called sill swords for the car?

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Sill swords sill attachments sill strips body kit e1599209645856 What are so-called sill swords for the car?

Sill swords is a term that is mainly used in the tuning area. Many tuners want to individualize their vehicle and at the same time add functional elements. And sill swords upgrade the car both visually and functionally. The components are also attached to the existing side skirts. The subject of sill swords is discussed in more detail below.

individually or as a body / aerodynamic kit

Sill swords Sill attachments Sill strips Bodykit 2 e1599209665653 What are so-called sill swords for the car?

Sill swords are often complete bodykits / Aerodynamic kits included. The kits are well known in the tuning scene and almost always contain matching side skirts and the mentioned side skirts. Aerodynamic kits can also diffuser- and other spoiler sets like canards or Rear spoiler lips included for the vehicle. The kits can consist of rear spoiler, front spoiler, rear section (also in diffuser optics), Side skirts and sill swords. And the kits are not only suitable for the visual enhancement of the vehicle, but are also used to improve cornering and to optimize flow around the vehicle. Spoilers, sills and sill swords often have a positive effect on the aerodynamics of the vehicle and can improve the driving characteristics of a car. Anyone who has already installed spoilers and side skirts individually and would like to improve the look of the vehicle even further, can buy and install sill swords. The items are available in pairs and can be purchased universally to match the vehicle type and from time to time. If you are looking for body kits or aerodynamic kits as complete sets, you should pay attention to variants that already contain sill swords. The kits are available to fit countless vehicle types.

Sill swords - what to look for when buying?

Tuev Tested TÜV What are so-called sill swords for the car?

When buying sill swords, body kits and aerodynamic kits, attention should be paid to absolute compatibility. Sill swords for the BMW 5 Series, Toyota Camry, Toyota Avalon and also for the rare Mercedes SLS are available in stores. Matching sill swords can be purchased for many other vehicle types. It is advisable to have sill swords and side skirts with one Approval / Part approval (§21) to acquire so that everything remains legal. Before buying, the interested tuner should definitely make sure that the side skirts and sill swords can be installed and driven in traffic. Depending on the model, it may be necessary to go to a test center (TÜV) and obtain approval.

Sill swords - what are they made of?

Sill swords Sill attachments Sill strips Bodykit 3 e1599209720716 What are so-called sill swords for the car?

Sill swords can be made of high-quality fiberglass-Dura-Flex mix, carbon or GRP. In general, sill swords should be made of materials with a qualitative surface structure that is flexible and at the same time extremely stable. This is usually not GFK. If you want to adapt the sill swords to your tuned vehicle, you should pay attention to paintable models. Components with a paintable surface structure can often be found. In addition to a robust, flexible material that can be painted, attention should also be paid to simple installation options. Depending on the supplier of sill swords and body kits, the assembly can also be done directly at the seller. It is advisable that the installation is carried out by specialists and that the legal situation with regard to approval, professional installation and material reports is clarified before installation. Sill swords can occasionally be removed completely without leaving any residue. Components that require subsequent drilling on the vehicle should be avoided.

Sill swords - a brief conclusion

Sill swords can be understood as the optical icing on the cake. The items are sold in pairs and attached to the side skirts of a vehicle. In addition to enhancing the appearance of the car, the components also contribute to better aerodynamics. Interested tuners can purchase the items as part of complete sets (aerodynamic kits / body kits) or as individual elements. When buying, attention should be paid to accuracy of fit and the legal side.

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Porsche 911 4S 1012 Bodykit Keyvany GTR Tuning What are so-called sill swords for the car?

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