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Is it worth switching to a sintered metal coupling?

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Sports clutch Racing clutch Racing clutch Tuning Is it worth changing to a sintered metal clutch?

Before you consider replacing your clutch with a Sport clutch or even a thoroughbred Sintered metal coupling You should first find out which clutch is the right one for your car. If you need support with this question, it is best to contact a specialist advisor or at least find out more in advance on the Internet and have the information on the vehicle manufacturer, the vehicle type and the engine or chassis number ready. Any tuning measures that have already been carried out are of course also important.

The right covering is crucial!

Coupling problems DEfect e1603630022855 Is it worth changing to a sintered metal coupling?

As you may know, a coupling consists of one, among other things printing plate and a Clutch disc. The clutch disc differs depending on the nature of the lining.

  • Organic coupling
    In an organic coupling there is a organic topping on the entire circular surface of the drive plate. This separates or closes the clutch extremely smoothly and withstands normal temperatures. Temporarily the covering can also withstand higher temperatures. For this reason, an organic coating is particularly suitable for clutch disks with a relative large diameter, as well as for vehicles with normal Torque.

Tuning normal clutch 2 organic Is it worth changing to a sintered metal clutch?

  • Sintered metal coupling
    The sintered metal coupling consists of one ceramic-metallic covering, which is also called Sintered metal covering referred to as. This topping enables the transfer of a higher torque with significantly lower contact pressure. In addition, it can normally withstand higher temperatures. The sintered metal coating has a higher weight and the resulting high inertia can lead to a faster closure guide on the flywheel and the pressure plate. However, the covering itself is extremely robust and wear-resistant. The surface is therefore suitable for particularly powerful vehicles.

Sintered metal clutch Sintered metal clutch Tuning Is it worth changing to a sintered metal clutch?

Properties of the sintered metal coupling

  • The more friction disks, the more Engine moment can transmit the clutch
  • The more friction disks, the more temperature can accommodate the clutch
  • Sintered metal clutches often have a "short" grinding point and engage more aggressively
  • Sintered metal clutches are less than conventional sports clutches (e.g. from Sachs) everyday use
  • Sintered metal clutches are particularly suitable for vehicles for the racetrack
  • there are no slipping the clutch, regardless of the speed
  • Sintered metal disks, like series disks, can be torsion-sprung or they are completely rigid
    - Torsion-sprung variants can often also be used in road traffic
    - Rigid sintered metal disks cannot be used in the city

The two parts of a clutch that make contact, i.e. the drive plate and the flywheel or the dual-mass flywheel (DMF), are matched to one another in terms of their material. If a sintered metal coupling (what is meant is almost always only the drive plate), the original material pairing is no longer available. As a result, the flywheel wears out faster. The principle also applies to the Bremsanlage. Will only those Brake pads by sintered metal pads replaced, the discs wear out faster.

Leave coupling replacement to the professionals

Removal of the old coupling: After removing the coupling, a few points should be checked.

  • On the one hand, it should flywheel be checked for sanding belts and a bump-free contact surface, as well as for cracks or blue discolouration. If necessary, the flywheel must be replaced immediately.
  • In addition, the transmission should also be on his Tightness checked and sealing rings replaced if necessary.
  • Finally, the transmission input shaft and the pilot bearing should also be checked and replaced if necessary.

At the end... Sintered clutch is a term that actually only refers to the drive plate from the clutch kit. In contrast to the standard drive plate, in the sintered version the organic friction lining is replaced by individual pads made of sintered metal. This achieves a higher coefficient of friction and a higher temperature resistance. While the coefficient of friction of organic series linings is around 0,25, it increases to around 0,30 with glued racing linings (organic). In the case of sintered metal, ceram (ceramic), carbon fiber or carbon, the coefficients of friction are in the range of 0,4 or even higher. And the heat development in the clutch even improves the friction effect. With the same load, a series-produced lining decreases significantly in terms of the friction effect or even burns.

Sports clutch Racing clutch Racing clutch Tuning 3 Is it worth changing to a sintered metal clutch?

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