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Which mobile phone holder is the best for the vehicle?

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Mobile phone holder retrofitting a smartphone car Which mobile phone holder is the best for the vehicle?

Mobile phones and especially smartphones equipped with extensive functions have become an indispensable part of everyday life. Modern vehicles already offer the option of using a compatible smartphone with the vehicle Bluetooth, Android Auto & Co. to connect and the technical equipment of the vehicle as Hands-free function to use. Calls can also be made without having to hold the cell phone in hand or even operate it. However, what is missing in many vehicles is a suitable mobile phone holder. If a smartphone is used for navigation, for example, it must be secured in the vehicle in a roadworthy manner. Furthermore, the driver should be able to easily look at the mobile phone navigation system and at the same time see the traffic.

Mobile phone holder - model variants

AUKEY car accessories 2 Which mobile phone holder is the best for the vehicle?

It therefore makes sense to retrofit a cell phone holder and there is a wide range of cell phone holders of all kinds available on the market. The respective brackets differ, for example, in the type of fixation. Which fastening variant is suitable depends on the vehicle, smartphone and personal taste. For example, mounts with a suction cup or with an adhesive pad are available. Furthermore, there are many variants available that can be fixed to the ventilation grilles or can be held in a CD slot. Models for the ventilation grilles offer sufficient support and are also available with a ball joint that allows the fixed smartphone to be changed. The driver can then set the appropriate position at will. Mobile phone holders for the CD / DVD slot and the ventilation grille have the disadvantage that they often have to be compatible with the vehicle. Not all vehicles have a visible CD drive and the ventilation slots can be in an unfavorable position or, as in the case of the VW Phaeton, not visible. Such a smartphone holder naturally makes little sense there. If you don't want to worry, you can use a mobile phone holder with an adhesive pad or suction cup for the windshield.

Cell phone holders with an adhesive pad or suction cup?

AUKEY KFZ Zubehoer 11 e1511781653184 Which mobile phone holder is the best for the vehicle?

Mobile phone holder with adhesive pad or suction cup can be attached to suitable cockpit areas. Variants with a suction cup are often intended for the windshield, to which the brackets, similar to navigation systems, are attached. However, the suction cup cannot be securely fixed on every cockpit surface. An adhesive pad, in turn, has the disadvantage that the adhesive can come off over time. Furthermore, parts of the mobile phone holder or even the entire mobile phone holder are firmly connected to the cockpit via the adhesive pad and cannot simply be detached, as is the case with the suction cup variant.

Cell phone holder with magnet?

Mobile phone holder smartphone car retrofit magnet Which mobile phone holder is the best for the vehicle?

Another variant is a bracket on the dashboard with a magnet function. It is usually very easy to install, universally usable and does not require glue, drilling or suction cups. When changing a vehicle, the bracket can simply be removed or installed. The phone only stops with magnetic force. The counterpart simply has to be attached to the mobile phone (if possible under the mobile phone case). The disadvantage of this variant is the often unfavorable installation position, which is not necessarily in the driver's field of vision.

Cell phone holders with fan or CD slot fixings?

Cell phone holders with CD slot and fan slot attachment can be securely connected to the vehicle. As a rule, they can also withstand spontaneous braking and cornering. One disadvantage, however, is the lack of choice of position. The driver cannot change the position of the fan slots or the CD slots. Furthermore, the fan slots often sag when the cell phone is fixed. The air then only flows downwards and such an attachment generally prevents the proper air supply in the vehicle. Our advice: The classic mount for the windshield with a suction cup. Here you can choose the optimal position yourself, adjust the phone in all directions and, moreover, take the holder to another vehicle at any time. PS. We have already tried a bracket CLICK!

Tutorials: Installation of a holder for the smartphone

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Cell phone holder Which cell phone holder is the best for the vehicle?
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