More top speed! What is a speedometer extension for the vehicle?

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Speedometer extension speed extension tuning

The speedometer, also called the speedometer for short, is probably a kind of centerpiece for many drivers. While it does not necessarily catch the eye of fellow riders, it is of course obvious to the driver. You can imagine that it doesn't create a very nice feeling if you don't like your own speedometer. Tachometers now have a lot more functions than the speedometer. In addition to distance, speed and various warning signals, the speedometer now also shows temperature, gear recommendation and even navigation. What used to be purely mechanical and analog is now fully digital and unconditionally upgrades the speedometer.

Is there any tuning on the speedometer at all?

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Reason enough to dare to do it with tuning. But what can actually be tuned on the speedometer? A whole lot! There are some companies that specialize in this and send along dials For example, offer speedometer extensions. In a first step, conventional speedometers can be replaced by those from special models such as an AMG, an RS or a GTI. The improved look is clearly visible, and often the speed display is more extensive (sometimes up to 380 km / h). However, if the car's performance continues to be standard, the expanded speedometer display is of no use. The car is therefore not getting any faster.

Speedometer expansion as a necessity?

1997 RUF CTR2 Sport Porsche 911 1084 Tuning Pikes Peak

If the typographical and color changes are still realistically easy to implement, it becomes much more complex when expanding the measuring range (eg tachometer up to 320-340 km / h). In order for a conversion to work optimally, the electronics, mechanics, printing technology and lighting technology must work together perfectly. If so, a level of OEM quality can be achieved. Incidentally, it is identical with an expansion of the tachometer. Here, too, you can either only change the visual optics using a new speedometer dial, and the passenger suggests that the engine achieves 10.000 rpm, or a correct increase in engine speed is carried out if the engine is actually modified and really achieves the 10.000 rpm.

more or less effort

Using other LED lamps usually does not mean much effort and still testifies to an individual design. The differences between hands and numbers can be varied as required. Otherwise, features that are not available as standard can of course also be gained with speedometer extensions. Example Mercedes W221 / W216: For this model there is an extension for the speedometer up to 320 km / h including the popular AMG look. There is also the option of integrating an extra menu for the oil temperature and a stopwatch. Neither is available in the basic model. An additional optical change of the pointer lighting to red as well as an adjustment of the distance and the display to the new scaling are also possible. In any case, there are many things that can be improved and optimized on the speedometer.

What you have to consider when expanding the speedometer

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There are normally no legal concerns. The tachometer with other LEDs or an extended display does not require a separate approval. One should note that accessories are also required for additional features. For example, the temperature display cannot show the correct temperature if the sensor is missing. It is best to explain the explicit request to specialized companies. They know exactly what is required that your speedometer is really unique. A function check should definitely be carried out after the conversion and the most important thing is of course the CORRECT DISPLAY OF THE SPEED including tolerance. Since there are too many important signal lamps attached to it and all of them must function properly, a specialist should definitely come in and check the functions later and give a guarantee for the conversion.

Speedometer extension for more driving pleasure

The speedometer is the most important instrument for the driver and is hardly overlooked by the driver during the entire journey. If there are options to visually upgrade the tachometer or to provide it with additional functions, then that's a great thing that many tuning fans use. In this way, the new speedometer also ensures more driving fun, without any new external appearance or stronger motorization. But the function MUST be guaranteed!

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