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Speedometer stopper: how it works, installation and legal situation!

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Speedometer stopper: how it works, installation and legal situation!

A tacho stopper, also called tacho filter, tacho blocker or tacho halver, is a device that is used in vehicles to Manipulate of the speedometer or odometer is used. The main purpose of this device is to reduce or stop the actual distance traveled by a vehicle, which is not displayed on the vehicle's speedometer. Installing a speedometer stopper may vary depending on the vehicle model and make. In general, however, the device is installed on the electrical lines between the speed sensor and the speedometer. It is usually necessary to remove the dashboard to access these lines. However, it is often sufficient to simply remove the instrument cluster and use a plug-and-play connector system between it and the control unit cable. Installation requires specialist knowledge in almost every case.

Speedometer stoppers are illegal

The use of a speedometer stopper is illegal in many countries, including Germany illegal. In Germany, the manipulation of speedometers is prohibited according to § 22b of the Road Traffic Act (StVG) and can be punished with fines or imprisonment of up to one year. Furthermore, such manipulations can also be regarded as fraud if they are not disclosed when a vehicle is sold. It is important to emphasize that the use of speedometer stoppers has not only legal, but also safety and ethical implications. Vehicles with manipulated speedometers can miss service and maintenance intervals, which can lead to serious mechanical problems. Furthermore, a manipulated odometer misleads the purchaser of a vehicle as to its actual use and wear and tear.

What is a kilometer stopper (KM stopper / blocker)?

Speedometer stopper: how it works, installation and legal situation!

What is that? Features and functions
Mileage recorders are filters that are installed between the speedometer and the vehicle. You can intercept the signals that are sent to the speedometer via the CAN bus line in such a way that the odometer is stopped. The filters are also called tacho filters, tacho blockers or tacho halvers and represent a professional alternative to tacho adjustment. The devices are available for various vehicle brands and models and can be plugged behind the speedometer. They are designed to stop storing mileage in all memory locations and ECUs. It is often operated using the keypad on the steering wheel, and you can choose whether the device should be switched on or off. With good devices, there are no error messages in the vehicle's electronics.
Many speedometer stoppers are even made in Germany and are characterized by reliability and precision. Often there are also many suppliers from China with cheap versions. Good speedometer stoppers stop the kilometers in all memory locations and ensure error-free electronics in the vehicle. The odometer can only really "freeze" if care is taken during installation that the odometer is stopped synchronously at all memory locations in the vehicle.
Many suppliers state that speedometer stoppers are designed for research, development and testing purposes on private property only. As with a speedometer adjustment, manipulations with the intention of making a profit when selling the vehicle or returning it from rental or leasing are prohibited. High-quality speedometer stoppers cannot be detected either during operation or after they have been removed from the vehicle. In many cases, the filtered mileage remains the secret of the speedometer stopper.
A mileage recorder must be fully matched to the vehicle and its control units. If this is not the case, the mileage would either not be recorded at all or would jump up again after a short time. A good speedometer stopper guarantees that the speed is displayed at all times, stops the odometer synchronously in all control units and maintains the full functionality of all assistance systems. There are no error messages in the vehicle, regardless of whether the speedometer stopper is activated or deactivated. Software updates can often be carried out on the stopper using the integrated micro SD card.

further important information summarized:

  1. Legal aspects: In many countries, including Germany, it is illegal to alter the number of kilometers driven by using a mileage recorder, particularly if this is done to add value to a vehicle. This applies to both the sale of used cars and leasing vehicles. Using a mileage recorder WILL lead to legal consequences.
  2. Safety: Improper installation of a mileage recorder can damage the vehicle's electronics.
  3. Diagnostic and maintenance work: Some diagnostic and maintenance procedures, such as inspections and oil changes, are based on the vehicle's mileage. The use of a kilometer recorder can impair these processes, which can lead to long-term damage to the vehicle.
  4. Insurance: It is possible that the use of a mileage recorder will affect the insurance coverage of the vehicle.
  5. Vehicle rating: The use of a mileage recorder can have a significant impact on the vehicle rating and may even result in the vehicle being classified as tampered with. This can significantly reduce the resale value.
  6. Technical service and repairs: Some manufacturers may refuse service or repairs if it is determined that a mileage recorder has been installed.

In summary, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and consequences associated with using a mileage recorder. Our conclusion: Hands off!

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Speedometer stopper: how it works, installation and legal situation!

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Speedometer stopper: how it works, installation and legal situation!
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