More Wing - Spoiler Extensions for the Vehicle!

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Spoiler extensions rear spoiler wing tuning 2 more wing spoiler extensions for the vehicle!

Spoiler extensions are extensions for the roof spoiler of a vehicle. With the help of Spoiler Extensions you can give your vehicle an exclusive design, for example in carbon look or real carbon. As a rule, the spoiler extensions are mounted above / on the factory spoiler. Made of real carbon fiber material, the Spoiler Extensions remain structurally stable and look great. The rear spoiler extensions not only give the vehicle a stylish look, but also optimize aerodynamic properties that allow the spoiler's downforce to increase marginally.

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Spoiler extensions rear spoiler wing tuning 3 more wing spoiler extensions for the vehicle!

Perfect fit for the factory spoiler or accessory spoiler, you will not be disappointed with the fit and look of this high quality product. The small attachments were developed to improve the overall aerodynamics. They are often available in matt black fiberglass, if necessary ready to paint, painted fiberglass, carbon look, ABS and full carbon with a glossy finish. There are relatively many manufacturers of Spoiler Extensions available. Noteworthy is, for example. ECS Tuning, which offers spoiler extensions for the VW Golf 6 and the VW Golf 7. The prospective customer has the choice between Spoiler Extensions of genuine carbon, ABS or GFK. The supplier delivers its spoiler extensions together with a matching 3M mounting tape. The spoiler extensions are also available in high gloss black. The offer also includes copies for the Mini Cooper R53, R55, R56, F56 and F60. Also for the Seat Leon MK3 there are the spoiler extensions. Of course, there are a lot of other car brands and models for the essays.

countless providers in the network ...

Spoiler extensions rear spoiler wing tuning 4 more wing spoiler extensions for the vehicle!

And also the provider has Spoiler Extensions for the Ford Focus ST and the RS on offer. Again, a 3M tape is included. The spoiler extensions are only available in black, but on request painted in body color. Corresponding further spoiler extensions for the smaller brother, the Ford Fiesta, give it up, At this supplier, the Spoiler Extensions are made of GRP and are supplied primed. Furthermore, there are also models for the brands BMW, Audi, VW and Ford. At the provider are also Spoiler Extensions available in carbon look. And for Fiat drivers? There it gives up high-quality spoiler extensions for example for the Fiat Abarth 500. The tuner offers these in matt primed, painted in body color and in carbon.

Spoiler extensions rear spoiler wing tuning more wing work spoiler extensions for the vehicle!

Attaching the extensions: The installation is relatively easy. The following steps must be performed.

  1. Note outside temperature:
    If possible, only install at room temperature.
  2. Check fit accuracy:
    Measure the distance on both sides of the spoiler and align it centrally and mark the end points on the factory-installed spoiler.
  3. Prepare spoiler surface:
    Clean the surface of the spoiler adjoining the spoiler extensions with a degreasing cloth.
  4. Attach spoiler extensions:
    Align Spoiler Extension with previously marked points, remove red protective tape and attach Spoiler Extensions to the car.
  5. Washing system, rain, etc. first avoid:
    If the spoiler is attached with an adhesive, you should leave the vehicle 24h. Even with the variant with tape, you should not drive straight into the car wash or be out in the rain. Here, however, usually a few hours wait.

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Spoiler extensions rear spoiler wing tuning 5 more wing spoiler extensions for the vehicle!

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