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Staggered Wheels rims: what kind of rims are they?

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The term Staggered Wheels rims means that the rims on the front axle of a car are a different size than the rims on the rear axle. One could translate the term as “staggered wheels”. Rims with a larger diameter are almost always installed on the rear axle in order to make the car look sportier. You can also fit wider rims and tires on one of the axles to further improve the driving dynamics. These wider wheel / tire combinations are used on the driven axle. This has the advantage that the tire has a larger contact area. As a result, the power produced by the engine is distributed over a larger contact area and the car has a significantly better grip level when accelerating. However, the diameter of the different complete wheels must remain the same. If the rim gets bigger, then it has to Cross section of the tire getting thinner.

Staggered Wheels rims

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The usual Staggered Wheels rims are rarely installed in series vehicles. One of the few vehicles on which rims with different diameters are fitted directly from the factory is the current Chevrolet Corvette of the type C8. In the field of athletes such as the Porsche 911 (992), various vehicles from Ferrari or Lamborghini and one floor above, with the hypercars, Staggered Wheels rims are almost standard. Often in the dimensions 21 & 20 inches or in the format 20 & 19 inches. The difference from front to back is almost always 1 inch. A larger difference is not impossible, but it is unusual. verschieden width Rims with mixed tires however, are installed much more often. Especially in rear-wheel drive cars, they are often used as the power of the car can be brought to the road more effectively. The non-driven axle requires less grip and therefore narrower tires. An example of this is the Mercedes C63 AMG, the BMW M5 and actually almost every vehicle that a little bit on Performance is designed.

Pros and cons of the different sizes:

2021 Audi SQ5 TDI Tuning 8 Staggered Wheels rims: What kind of rims are they?

The wider tires greatly increase grip when accelerating, cornering and braking. However, these are rather bad for top speeds, as they cause more friction on the asphalt and the car has to fight it harder and can drive less quickly. An individual compromise must therefore be found for each vehicle. The purposes of use should also be taken into account. If you want to drive a lot on country roads or winding roads, wider tires are ideal. However, if you want to drive a lot and fast on the motorway, you should choose slightly narrower tires. These aspects can be improved and individualized in detail through the tire pressure. If you increase the tire pressure, the tire has a smaller contact area and therefore less friction on the road. This increases the top speed somewhat and reduces consumption to a minimum. If you reduce the tire pressure, the tire has a larger contact area. This improves cornering dynamics and grip. In addition, consumption increases as the car has more resistance due to the friction on the ground. Incidentally, the comfort also decreases a bit and the wear and tear is usually higher with different wheel sizes.

The legal about Staggered Wheels rims:

Legally you just have to make it clear beforehand that the selected rims fit on the car and later by the TÜV mittels modification acceptance removed (Teilegutachten) can be. You have to make sure that the rims with the tires are not too big. If they are too close to the wheel arch or even drag against it, the police can shut down the car. This problem can especially occur in cars with a lowered chassis. An acceptance by a testing organization is therefore necessary.

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Staggered Wheels rims Tuning Staggered Wheels rims: What kind of rims are they?

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