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Start stop function tuningblog The start stop function automatically saves fuel

You can save fuel when you stop at traffic lights - at least if you have installed the automatic start / stop function at the factory. Or can that be retrofitted? Yes, it can be retrofitted. However, it remains questionable whether the cost of a renovation will be profitable. A car needs the least fuel when the engine is not running. So it makes sense by consensus to switch off the engine every time you stop driving. The system that is responsible for this is called the start-stop system. It is factory-installed, for example, BMW, Mercedes, Smart, Citroen and many other automobile manufacturers. The system manages to reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%. But not only owners of new vehicles can help with this technology to reduce the burden on the environment and their own wallet, because old vehicles can also be retrofitted with this technology, for example an Audi A4 built in 2001.

Installation only with extensive experience

Workshop vehicle repair tuning build yourself the start-stop function to save fuel automatically

There are quite a few providers of retrofittable start-stop systems. Such a system is available on some websites for as little as 99 euros. However, the installation instructions for the system require knowledge and experience, which is why laypeople should rather leave the installation to the specialist workshop. The factory solution is a little more practical than the retrofit solution, because the engine does not start automatically with the retrofit solution. An additional button must be installed and pressed to start the engine.

Start stop - retrofitting is hardly worthwhile

Workshop costs money retrofitting spare parts parts The start-stop function automatically saves fuel

The start-stop system reduces fuel consumption and thus protects both the environment and your wallet. However, anyone who has no screwdriving experience and would have to go to the workshop for retrofitting will not recoup the costs for retrofitting in a reasonable time due to the savings made during the traffic light stops. Switching off the engine by turning the ignition key is a cheaper solution. Small bill on the edge: The kit costs around 99 euros. With a consumption of 0,7 l / h and an annual idle time of 100 hours as well as an average petrol price of 1,41 EUR / L, one comes to a consumption of 70 liters and costs of 98,7 EUR in one year.

When the system is annoying! So it can be deactivated permanently.

If the costs for the installation, namely 280 euros, are added, then there are more over three years until the costs are amortized. The assumption of 100 hours for waiting at traffic lights in one year is very high. Anyone who drives a lot of freeway and cross-country routes is much further under this assumption. So we can see that even with the low price of the start-stop system, it would take an extremely long time before the investment in the technology would be amortized again. If you want to recalculate, you can read off the idle consumption from the vehicle's multifunction display or ask the manufacturer. In addition, the gearbox, starter and other components such as the battery can wear out more quickly with a retrofitted system.

higher wear for other parts

Start stop function tuningblog 2 e1571333514656 The start stop function automatically saves fuel

If these then have to be replaced sooner due to the start / stop technology, these costs must also be taken into account. Thus, such a system can even become a cost trap. We therefore clearly advise against retrofitting. We hope that you the info report on the topic / term Start stop function (further names / keywords: Engine start-stop function, automatic start-stop, engine push button, start stop button, vehicle start button, engine switch, engine start button) has fallen out of the range of autotuning. Our goal is to have the largest German-speaking tuning lexicon (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we are already can you HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. Incidentally, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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