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A steering angle kit for the car! What is that, actually?

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Steering angle kit Droft Lock kit Tuning A steering angle kit for the car! What is that, actually?

Steering angle kits are available from specialist dealers for certain vehicle models. The kits are used, for example, to change the track width and to increase the steering angle. This ensures better traction in curves and, in addition, tighter angles can be driven as the turning circle is reduced. The articles are used to tune the front axle and are essentially for the area of ​​the Drift sports thought. The topic of the steering angle kits is discussed in more detail below.

Improvement of the steering behavior!

Steering angle kit Droft Lock kit Tuning 6 A steering angle kit for the car! What is that, actually?

Anyone interested in drifting will want to know how cornering traction, track width and steering transition behavior can be optimized. The answer to this is a steering angle kit available from specialist dealers. The kit is used to widen the track width of a vehicle and provides better traction in curves. The kits are intended for the front axle area. In addition to the properties mentioned, such a kit also changes the steering angle. Depending on the kit, a steering angle of up to 70 ° can be achieved. The kits are optimized for specific vehicles and ensure ideal vehicle behavior when drifting. A steering angle kit can correct the roll center upwards and improve the inclination of the vehicle enormously when drifting. The transition behavior when steering (deflecting and turning in) is optimized accordingly. Another advantage is that the camber of the front wheels can be set individually according to the requirements of the tuner. This is due to the individual ones often contained directly in the kit Cathedral camp possible. A so-called Ackermann angle is used, which optimizes the vehicle so that it is suitable for drifting. The angle can of course also be designed according to the tuner's ideas.

Steering angle kit - pay attention to quality

Steering angle kit Droft Lock kit Tuning 4 e1599971888974 A steering angle kit for the car! What is that, actually?

A steering angle kit should meet the requirements for drifting and be resilient accordingly. The kits should have been tested extensively and it is therefore advisable to rely on particularly high quality. The expense is worth it when it comes to a kit that is used in drifting sports. Kits are available in stores, some of which can be installed directly using the plug-and-play method. However, the direct installation sometimes requires extensive renovation work. So, depending on the kit, maybe longer Brake hoses to be built in. The front one Stabilisator is usually omitted and the coilover kit often has to be adapted. More detailed information on installation / conversion is available from a specialist workshop and varies depending on the vehicle.

For motorsport only

If you want to buy a steering angle kit, you should know that the items are only intended for the field of motorsport. The extension of the steering angle must not be used on public roads. The legal situation should therefore be clarified before buying and the new steering angle kit should only be used in motorsport cars. If you want to use a steering angle kit for drifting, you should make sure that the kit is compatible with the respective vehicle model and the existing steering knuckles. Such a kit contains, for example, new wishbones, OEM steering knuckle adapters, dome bearings (adjustable), PU bushings, tie rods and the corresponding material for fastening. It is advisable to have the vehicle parts installed by a specialist workshop and possibly directly with a modified one steering ratio to combine.

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Steering angle kit Droft Lock kit Tuning 5 A steering angle kit for the car! What is that, actually?

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