Tuning in detail - the steering wheel cover for the car!

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Steering wheel cover panel tuning e1587101245931 Tuning in detail the steering wheel cover for the car!

The partly standard and partly optional steering wheel covers, which are offered for BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Jaguar, for example, are attractive and stylish covers that can be partially installed on the standard steering wheel. The more or less large facings are mostly made of aluminum or carbon. Lacquered or foiled covers are also available. The panels blend in perfectly with the interior design and can be completely customized if required. It is important that the steering wheel covers always enable easy and safe steering of the vehicle and that the steering wheel does not become a slippery and no longer non-slip surface. A cover must not impair the function of the steering wheel, the airbag or the multifunction buttons.

Optical highlight in the interior

Steering wheel cover trim panel tuning 2 tuning in detail the steering wheel cover for the car!

With a steering wheel cover, the individual design of the interior can be optimally completed. Due to the design objects, exact adjustments in design and color to the other interior cladding can be made. This also includes the design of the seats, a center console and the dashboard. The steering wheel in particular is the direct contact to the vehicle for every driver. With a visually beautiful design, the entire result of the interior can be completed. For this purpose, all design requests can also be specifically met. So it is possible to make a steering wheel cover specifically for a vehicle and to upgrade the interior design accordingly.

With a precisely fitting steering wheel cover, not only can the overall impression of the vehicle interior be enhanced. Rather, the holding climate of the steering wheel can also be optimized accordingly. This prevents the hands from slipping when steering, for example. At least this applies to a steering wheel cover that is placed directly on the steering wheel rim (or used) becomes. With such a component, a firmer steering wheel grip can be achieved and driving made safer. A cover in the form of a new steering wheel clip or a part of it is of course only intended as a decoration and has no advantages with regard to the function of the steering wheel.

Are steering wheel covers allowed?

A steering wheel cover may - as already mentioned at the beginning - do not have the opposite effect that it is no longer possible to steer the vehicle safely. Even with the steering wheel cover, easy and safe steering must always be ensured. Because safety is also the top priority when it comes to vehicle equipment in the interior of the vehicle. Corresponding regulations in the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations regulate this safety factor as a prerequisite for the operation of a vehicle. For this reason, special attention is paid to a steering wheel cover during a general inspection.

Tip: This is how the leather steering wheel becomes correctly prepared!

The steering wheel cover must under no circumstances lead to the vehicle no longer being safe and easy to steer or the function of the airbag being restricted. And the steering wheel cover as a version for the steering wheel rim must not cause the steering wheel to become too slippery on the surface. If this is the case, the cover will lead to an unsuitable evaluation during a general inspection. If possible, the cover should have an ABE or an E-mark. Then the installation is possible without any problems and there are no problems with the approval.

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