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Stickers on the car - just a relic from the old days?

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Wheelchair sticker car accessories disability sticker on the car just a relic from old times?

For our readers, the car is of course part of their personality. It is cherished and cared for and is therefore more passion than a pure hobby. It is hardly surprising that many car owners give their jewelry an individual touch with selected stickers. In addition to the modern Stickerbombing there is also the conventional method using 1 or 2 stickers. Be it the political opinion, a funny saying or a statement about society. Everything that is allowed can be immortalized on the car. But what is approved and what is not? What are the most popular sayings for car stickers and what has cult status? This and more is covered in the following blog post.

The purpose of the bumper sticker

Greta Thunberg Decal Sticker on the car just a relic from the old days?

It all began in America in the 1960s. More and more people are not only using their car as a commodity, but also to send a message. At that time "Shit happens“Read on American bumpers. 20 years later the trend also arrived in Germany and classics like "I brake for animals too!", "Nuclear power? No thanks!"Or"Baby on board!“For many, they were part of the standard repertoire of bumper stickers. In any case, the stickers are not applied for no reason: They serve to convey certain information or sometimes around you Cover up bumps or scratches. The classic warnings that refer to a baby in the car, a wheelchair ramp or a novice driver behind the wheel can still be found on many vehicles today. Basically, the trend is towards individual stickers that match your own personality. It is popular to stick on trademarks to express the connection to a certain product. Membership of a group is often shown with a sticker. Self-ironic stickers, which comment on your own driving style or the condition of the car in a funny way, are becoming increasingly common. This is becoming increasingly popular with women in particular.

Here are some examples of popular stickers:

Don't rush me sticker sticker on the car just a relic from old times?

  • The value of my car doubles when refueling!
  • Drive into me, I can use the money well!
  • Overtake calmly! Hunting is more exciting anyway!
  • Do not rush me!
  • Get out of my rearview mirror!
  • If you get any closer, you have to invite me to dinner!
  • I drive diesel. I'm super!
  • Fish (as a sign of Christianity)
  • baby on board
  • wheelchair
  • novice drivers
  • Germany (country code)

The texts can be given a special design on the Internet and thus individually adapted. If you have good text or a cool picture yourself, you can of course also use that. Of course, you can also buy and attach the stickers just mentioned as examples.

Police fine catalog tuning stickers on the car just a relic from old times?

Legal situation: Legally, the attachment of car stickers is generally permitted. There is no explicit ban on this in the road traffic regulations. Of course, the stickers must not be offensive or immoral. There have already been cases in which, for example, racist stickers were banned by law and were therefore no longer allowed to be publicly displayed. They had to be removed from the vehicle. And the function of the car and the driver's view must not be restricted. What generally applies to stickers on the windows Shade at top applies.

Germany country code car sticker sticker on the car just a relic from old times?

Mandatory to have a sticker? That can also happen! For example with the country flag sticker. Since the EU license plates have been around, you hardly see any cars with a D sticker, but there are countries where the sticker is still a requirement. Failure to observe this can result in a fine. The Germany shield is only recognized in the EU, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway. If a trip to other countries is planned, the oval sign with a black D on a white background is still mandatory. For example, if you are going to Macedonia or Albania, you should have a D sticker on your car. Ideally a standardized specimen (height; 11,5 cm, width: 17,5 cm). And if you are still traveling with an old number plate without an integrated "D", the D plate must also be attached for trips in EU countries.

Wheelchair sticker car accessories handicap 2 m distance sticker on the car just a relic from old times?

Recommendation for the sticker? This is also sometimes the case. If you are dependent on a wheelchair or have another disability that restricts your body and, for example, results in a severely handicapped ID, you should also indicate this on the vehicle. Although it is not a requirement, the chance that no penalty is payable when parking in a disabled parking space if the vehicle has been identified, but is of course significantly higher. And it can also be an advantage if you have a vehicle, for example wheelchair loading owns. A corresponding sign with the request “keep a distance of 2 m” can save a lot of trouble and time.

as a funny or serious means of communication

Car stickers certainly offer a lot to talk about. For some they are a funny or serious means of communication, for others they are unnecessary and a NoGo for their own vehicle. Ultimately, everyone has to decide how and with what they decorate their car. For your own nerve costume, it is certainly better to see the stickers with a winking eye and in their self-ironic context. In the morning in a traffic jam, they will surely make one or two laugh. We hope that the info report on the topic / term Car stickers / stickers (Car tattoo, tattoo) from the field of autotuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this lexicon and how far we are, you can HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. By the way, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

Greta Thunberg sticker criticism sticker on the car just a relic from old times?

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Fellling fur foiling fur cover Tuning 1 e1589562682341 310x165 sticker on the car just a relic from old times?

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