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Practical ideas - sun visors Tuning in the car

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Sun visors organizer tuning Practical ideas sun shades Tuning in the car

Sun visors are flaps that are mounted directly above the windscreen on the headliner above the dashboard for the driver and front passenger. They can be folded down in strong sunlight to shade the eye area of ​​the person concerned. This avoids unpleasant and, in the case of the driver, dangerous glare. On the practical flaps, but can also attach additional gadgets.

Improvement of the glare protection

Sun visor glare protection car tuning Practical ideas sun visors tuning in the car

When tuning sun visors, many things are possible. For example, the panel itself can be replaced if the glare protection provided by it is perceived as insufficient. A change of shape to cover a wider range of light incidence angles, however, is not or only partially possible. The flap must still be tight, even after the change. It must not fold down when it comes to driving vibrations. Also, it must not hinder the view of the lane, the oncoming traffic or pedestrians. An adaptation to improve the view when using the sun visor is possible. Many vendors sell transparent material sun visors that filter out the glaring UV light without obstructing the view of the street. They are especially recommended for people with sensitive eyes and eye diseases. If necessary, they can also be used at night to avoid dazzling by the high beams of oncoming vehicles.

Practical mirror for the sun visor

Sun visors Vanity mirror Auto tuning Practical ideas Sun visors Tuning in the car

In some car models you will already find a standard mirror in the sun visor. If it is not available, it can be retrofitted without much effort. The mirror in the sun visor does not replace the rearview mirror! It should not be used by the driver while driving to avoid dangerous distraction from the traffic. Even glare from reflected light in the mirror can be a source of danger. Therefore it is recommended to choose a mirror with a lid and to open it only when the vehicle is at a standstill. The correct use of the mirror in the sun visor is as a make-up mirror or make-up mirror. You can check whether your hair is sitting correctly, repairing your eyeshadow or applying lipstick before an important business appointment or a date. Even for men, it can sometimes be convenient to have a mirror and comb on the sun visor.

Organizer and brackets for the sun visor

Sun visor organizer sunglasses car tuning Practical ideas sun visors tuning in the car

Also a variety of brackets and even entire organizer systems are available for mounting on sun visors. They are very handy as they allow you to carry items that you need frequently, always at hand. This saves you from having to spend a lot of time in the glove compartment or the cumbersome removal of credit cards from the back pocket while you are sitting. However, you should regularly check that your glasses holder or credit card holder is really tight and neither he nor in the organizer inserted items, such as pens, can fall down while driving on you. Such an incident can easily trigger an accident. Systems with zippers or otherwise closable bags are therefore very favorable.

LED warning displays for emergency vehicles

For doctors and other relatives of emergency services who occasionally drive civil vehicles into action, an LED warning display often pays off. This is attached to the back of the sun visor and shows neon letters with a text such as “Einsatz”, “Police” or “Doctor”. Such an often wireless LED warning display is a good help for all serious helpers on the way to action. It can display various warning information and symbols at eye level or at the level of the rear-view mirror of the person in front in normal writing or in mirror image. However, the legal requirements must of course be observed here. Of course, anyone is not allowed to use such a display in traffic.

for doctors, police or fire brigade ...

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Sun visor organizer car tuning 2 Practical ideas sun visors tuning in the car

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