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The SLC coating: what is “surface like chrome” (SLC)?

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Infiniti QX70 32 inch chrome rims Tuning 6 The SLC coating: what is surface like chrome (SLC)?

The SLC coating is a high-gloss coating that is optically coated with an electroplated Chrome gloss coating is comparable. The production happens without any emissions and resistance to corrosion is outstanding. The cost is even clear lower and the potential for development in the direction of a wide variety of other applications is high. With the very complex technical process, all possible rims, regardless of whether one-piece or multi-part aluminum rims, steel rims or plastic parts high gloss coated or mirrored .

Shiny chrome-plated surfaces are possible thanks to the tried and tested high-gloss coating process

surface like chrome SLC coating tuning The SLC coating: what is surface like chrome (SLC)?

The Coating of high-gloss metal wheels has so far been implemented using two different procedures. The rims were either expensive polished, coated directly with clear varnish or by the galvanic process coated with chrome. The disadvantages are clearly that short shelf life and the low resistance the chrome coating against corrosion. This is because the material of the base and the material of the coating are one too high have electrical potential difference. This can be problematic, especially in regions with a more demanding climate, especially in wintry areas. Further Disadvantages are the high cost, the higher weight and the imbalance.

What exactly is SLC?

The SLC coating consists of one Powder coating and the PVD technology together. For example, a rim is coated. The previously treated material receives a electrostatic charge. Then the rim becomes a Powder primer baked in a continuous furnace. The materials to be coated are arranged here horizontalin order to ensure that the layer material runs as homogeneously as possible. In the next step, a layer of metal is applied using the PVD process by evaporating it in a vacuum. The right choice of metal is responsible for color, brightness, brilliance and corrosion resistance. In the last step, the clear coat is applied using the same technique.

SLC black chrome coating

surface like chrome SLC coating black chrome The SLC coating: what is surface like chrome (SLC)?

SLC black chrome coating works similarly to that powder coating. After the rims have been freed of paint and damage, the powder base coat follows. This is followed by a layer of metal and clear lacquer to seal the rim. The advantages:

  • optically similar to the galvanic process
  • very good corrosion resistance
  • environmentally friendly production
  • high abrasion resistance
  • No polishing required
  • Powder primer eliminates unevenness

The SLC coating withstands, for example, a salt spray test, the Florida test, a stone chip test and also a Cass test.  At the end... The SLC process sets new standards for the surface coating of rims.

McLaren 570S HRE P207 tuning chrome rims 10 The SLC coating: what is surface like chrome (SLC)?

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surface like chrome SLC coating Tuning 3 The SLC coating: what is surface like chrome (SLC)?

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