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What is a dished sports steering wheel?

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dished sports steering wheel tuning What actually is a dished sports steering wheel?

Steering wheels for motorsport are often designed differently than conventional steering wheels. The motorsport variants must
withstand high loads and are shaped and manufactured accordingly. The shape and material of the steering wheel differ significantly depending on the sport. A distinction is made between, for example, the steering wheels of formula, rally and kart racing vehicles. The wide range of motorsport steering wheels covers the various needs of motorsport drivers. Also known in the racing sector are so-called bowl-shaped steering wheels. These steering wheels have certain depths, which are specified as bowls in the respective product description.

Dished steering wheels - deep bowls available

dished sports steering wheel Tuning 2 e1601372343691 What actually is a dished sports steering wheel?

Cups are often found on sports steering wheels. The cupped steering wheels are usually designed in such a way that they have excellent grip and offer the driver excellent grip even under enormous loads. The bowls are available in different depths. Interested tuners can, for example, purchase a steering wheel with a deep 95 mm bowl and a diameter of 330 mm. Countless other configurations through to special one-offs are of course also available.

Dished steering wheel - what to look for when buying?

dished sports steering wheel Tuning 3 What actually is a dished sports steering wheel?

When buying dished steering wheels, attention should be paid to handiness and the highest quality. Furthermore, the depth of the bowl should fit and the diameter of the steering wheel should be easy to use for the driver. Steering wheels with bowls are often used in the racing and tuning sectors and should still be comfortable in the hand and have a perfect grip even on robust journeys. Qualitative materials such as aluminum and suede are often used to manufacture the steering wheels. Dished steering wheels are available in stores, which have been produced in high-quality handcraft and can be particularly deeply dished upon request. The interested tuner receives, for example, qualitative variants with anodized spokes. In specialist shops, you can often find simply black painted, bowl-shaped steering wheels. All variants can be equipped with suede or Alcantara. When buying, you should also pay attention to the necessary accessories.

Registration possible? Depends on…

Tuev tested by TÜV What actually is a dished sports steering wheel?

When buying, you should also ensure that the steering wheel is registrable and approved by the TÜV (a recognized test center). For example, molded steering wheels are available in stores, for which, according to the provider, special TÜV test reports have been created. The articles with TÜV test report are intended to facilitate registration with the TÜV. However, only in absolute individual cases are turned steering wheels actually entered in the vehicle documents. In most cases there is no homologation and a corresponding parts certificate is often not available. This can even cause problems in various racing series where road approval is mandatory.

What can the attached TÜV report contain?

If a TÜV test report is enclosed with the product, so can Bending test, heat test, fatigue test, torque test, installation test and crash test (Annex 4 ECE regulation) must have been carried out. Furthermore, the driving behavior may have been tested in the event of a failure of the power steering system. If you want to install a curved steering wheel, you always have to go to a recognized testing authority (TÜV). Before buying, it should be clarified whether a vehicle is permitted to have a steering wheel with a key and which requirements must be met for registration.

Dished steering wheels - many variants available

Dished steering wheels can be purchased in different styles. While the steering wheel ring is often black and can be equipped with suede, for example, the spokes and middle section are also available in other colors and shapes. The articles can have black-red or black-blue color combinations. Other colors are also possible. In addition, the items fitted with leather or fabric can be equipped with colored seams. Such a steering wheel usually does not have an airbag and in many cases does not even have a button for the horn. In addition, one should bear in mind that the installation of such a steering wheel usually requires a modified hub.

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