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Swirl flap repair kit for intake duct shutdown tuning

A swirl flap, also known as an inlet duct shut-off, is used for the controlled rotary movement of the fresh gas or air charge that enters the combustion chamber. It is a technical component that is located in the air intake stroke of valve-controlled four-stroke internal combustion engines with at least two inlet valves and has a positive effect on emissions and fuel consumption due to the way it works. However, dirt deposits on the original swirl flaps can impair the function of the swirl flaps over time. In the worst case, the original parts could break and fall into the combustion chamber of the cylinder head. The consequences of such a failure as a result of dirt deposits is often irreversible engine damage.

Repair set for swirl flaps

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In order to avoid such a malfunction with associated engine damage, the original swirl flaps should be replaced with a special repair kit. The original swirl flaps are removed from the four-valve cylinder heads and replaced with a repair kit. With professional repairs, such a replacement does not change the running of the engine, the course or the like. Improved variants are made from high quality aluminum 6060-T66, for example. If you want to remove the swirl flaps directly, you can use a so-called swirl flap removal set. You can find all information about this in our article!

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