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What options are there to tune the fuel filler flap?

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Tank cap tuning car tank flap 3 e1563510527464 What options are there to tune the tank flap?

The Fuel filler flap is not an eye-catcher in most vehicles and is often treated negligently. Sure, why not? After all, it is located in the middle of the side and shouldn't attract unnecessary attention ex works. But if you like it individually, the tank flap is a good way to set yourself apart from the crowd. With the right tuning, the cover of the tank cap becomes a visual eye-catcher. The tuning can, for example, consist of a simple sticker so that the fuel cap itself does not have to be changed. But there are also more complex tuning measures for the fuel filler cap, which for example consist of replacing the fuel filler flap and which should be carried out by a specialist workshop.

Tank flap tuning - various stickers

Tank cap tuning car tank flap 5 e1563510898700 What options are there to tune the tank flap?
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Anyone who wants a quick, uncomplicated tuning of the fuel filler flap is well served with a sticker. Stickers are available in countless variations and can be bought in stylish designs. For example, the stickers have a metallic look (Brushed aluminum, smooth aluminum, stainless steel, etc.) or a chic carbon look, maybe even with rivets, etc. Also sunflowers, Refueling instructions (Petrol only, Diesel only etc.) can be placed on the fuel cap in the form of a sticker. If you want to buy a sticker for your fuel filler flap, you should pay attention to the dimensions. Sizes, scope and other information are given in the respective product information. Many suppliers of stickers also indicate in the product description for which vehicles and vehicle types the items are intended. If necessary, the sticker must be cut to size to fit on the fuel filler flap. It should be ensured that the sticker is really intended for the fuel filler cap.

Advantages of the tank flap sticker:

  • easy to install
  • protects the fuel cap from abrasion
  • is available in many stylish variants
  • individual foiling is possible
  • Airbrush is possible

Tank flap tuning - replacement of the tank flap

Tank cap tuning car tank flap 4 What options are there to tune the tank flap?

The fuel filler flap can also be completely exchanged in order to obtain the desired look. The advantage of the exchange is that the new fuel filler flap can be bought directly to match. The disadvantage compared to a sticker is the sometimes more complicated installation. Individual fuel filler flaps for many vehicle models are available in stores. The articles differ in color, shape and material. Variants made of stainless steel, carbon, aluminum and other materials are available.

What should you watch out for when replacing the tank cap?

If the tank cap is completely replaced, then the new model must necessarily match the vehicle. This is not only meant from a visual point of view. The size, size and shape of the new tank cap must be suitable for the vehicle. If a certain tank cap is to be installed that does not exactly fit in shape and size, more extensive renovation measures are sometimes necessary. For example, there is an extreme variant in which the fuel cap is attached behind the rear light. Of course, this requires corresponding conversion work and should only be done in a specialist workshop.

If the tank cap is not converted appropriately or if extensive work is undertaken on the tank supply line, this must be done in consultation with a DEKRA test center or the TÜV and approved so that a safe conversion is guaranteed. Structural changes must be entered in the vehicle documents. In general, when replacing the fuel filler flap, it must be ensured that it continues to close tightly.

Advantages of replacing the tank cap:

  • there are stylish and versatile tuning options
  • versatile materials and optics selectable

Tank cap tuning car tank flap What options are there to tune the tank flap?

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