Telephone rims are classics from Porsche

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Telephone rims Tuning telephone rims are classics from Porsche

Telephone rims were originally made for the Porsche 924, 928 and 944. Not only the look is striking, but also the name. But the name is not far-fetched, because this rim is reminiscent of the good old dial on the phone. Many young users can not remember this, because the dial is of course no longer there today. This has shaken many friends of telephone rims, but the production was discontinued by Porsche. Not that these rims were not popular, but later new brake systems were installed by Porsche. Since the telephone rims could not be used because necessary space was simply missing.

unmistakable design

Telephone rims Tuning 3 telephone rims are classics from Porsche

However, there are still the phone rims and usually in sizes 15 and 16 inches. Of course, there are also noticeable here, the special shape and of course the Porsche logo. However, it is original Telephone rims are always around very old years, because of course they are no longer manufactured by Porsche. But many offer exactly these rims and that always for the corresponding years of the Porsche. Of course, at hefty prices. replicas (e.g. from ATS) are also available, whereby these telephone rims are not only suitable for the Porsche but can be installed anywhere. The rims are and have always been popular, even if they no longer fit the later years of construction. There is simply no free space in the brake system, which means that it can only be used on the older models. Some users recommend spacers for more space to the brake system. However, if the size of the brake is too large, this will not solve the problem. However, if you own a 924, 928 or 944 and want the original, you are guaranteed to find good offers on various platforms. (Tip: New wheelset planned? Our Tire calculator says if it fits!)

Telephone rims for lovers of classic cars

Telephone rims Tuning 4 telephone rims are classics from Porsche

In the course of time there have been many innovations in cars, but classic cars should still look original. These rims are no longer manufactured, which can make the search for phone rims much more difficult. But lovers of Porsche who sell precisely these rims are guaranteed to find one. This means that lovers of vintage cars can also get their phone rims, even if they are used. But in this case that is not decisive, but rather the appearance. Especially because these rims are reminiscent of the good old rotary dial. Because where the respective number was then stored, there is a hole on these rims for ventilation of the brake system. It was similar with the rotary dial so that everyone could dial the correct phone number. Keys didn't exist at that time, which is probably incomprehensible for younger people. This is exactly what makes telephone rims so charming, even if they are no longer manufactured. Nostalgia is tangible and visible here, and the material is also crucial. Thus, the telephone rims can always be mounted on vintage Porsche cars to emphasize their special appearance. Telephone rims are also trendy on the VW Golf MK1 & MK2 or the VW Polo.

Telephone rims Tuning 2 telephone rims are classics from Porsche

Of course that had not happened yet!

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