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What is a so-called "test report" for the vehicle?

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Test report condition report vehicle report e1592995492460 What is a so-called test report for the vehicle?

Who a so-called report can be made for the entire vehicle, can document the quality and value of the vehicle very clearly. Because the test report is an objectively written report, which sheds a real light on the entire vehicle and was created by an independent inspector. Especially and especially when the vehicle is to be sold, a test report is a very good selling point for the desired purchase price. Because of the high level of acceptance of test reports for vehicles, there are now many providers who produce objective test reports for a fee. Incidentally, a test report for the condition of the vehicle has nothing to do with you Test report for a component zu tun!

A test report offers objectivity

Test report condition report vehicle report 3 What is a so-called test report for the vehicle?

If you want to obtain objective information about the quality of your vehicle, you should have a test report drawn up. The TÜV or Dekra, for example, offer such a service. Whether you want to buy a vehicle or sell your own vehicle: With an objective test report for the entire vehicle you are on the safe side. Because a specially created test report shows all strengths and weaknesses of the respective vehicle completely. As a seller or buyer, you can be sure to receive a vehicle as described in the report. A test report creates a very secure basis for all parties, which should not be underestimated and which is always expressed in the price and value of a motor vehicle. A test report shows the quality of the vehicle very clearly.

What is the content of a test report?

Test report condition report vehicle report 7 What is a so-called test report for the vehicle?

If a vehicle is examined for a special test report, all essential components of the vehicle are assessed, similar to the TÜV test. In this way, an objective picture of the condition of the vehicle can be created. A test report contains all essential assessments of the vehicle, so that all strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle are quickly revealed. A comprehensive full report relates to the technology, as well as the look and of course the condition and functionality of the interior. If a vehicle has already passed the general TÜV and AU test, a dedicated test report that has nothing to do with the standard tests can further underline the value of a vehicle. Whenever the value of a car is important for an assessment, a test report can be a very good tool. Most of the time, the valuation is anyway about a sale and the assessment of the desired price. A test report can objectively find a suitable and fair price for both sides, which reassures both the buyer and the seller. After all, from a buyer's perspective, a purchase is always associated with uncertainties when a used vehicle is to be bought. In addition, a dedicated test report enables the seller to request an objectively appropriate price for the vehicle.

Determination of lower values ​​by means of Vehicle-Condition report

Test report condition report vehicle report 5 What is a so-called test report for the vehicle?

A vehicle status report is usually also used for leased vehicles. All types of cars, vans up to 3,5 t, motorcycles and of course off-road vehicles are suitable. The report captures deviations in the condition of the vehicle from the lease or rental agreement by capturing damaged parts or accidental damage. Often, the extent to which repairs or previous accidents may contribute to impairment is also mentioned directly. Such a report is very useful for processing transactions with leasing returns in order to determine the residual value. The report essentially documents the general vehicle data, standard and optional equipment, value-adding factors, necessary repairs, missing parts or impairments from previous damage. In addition, there is a visual inspection of the interior, engine and trunk and a comprehensive inspection of the underside including the chassis is also part of it. And even checking functions of equipment parts and a short driving test are usually included. Only a concrete determination of the purchase, sale or replacement value takes place at Condition report does not.

the most important facts about the test report:

  • Test report can document the quality of a car
  • Selling a vehicle is simplified with such a certificate
  • Test report is offered for example by DEKRA, TÜV and also smaller companies
  • Experts check the vehicle for strengths and weaknesses
  • Buyer is informed of all weaknesses
  • The price for an appraisal should be determined beforehand
  • The vehicle should also have a complete checkbook

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  1. It is interesting that a specially prepared test report lists all the strengths and weaknesses of the respective car without exception. This is the first time I have to do a sticker check for my relatively new car. I will turn to a competent workshop for a professional analysis of my car.

  2. Thank you for mentioning that the price for an expert opinion should be fixed in advance. The next sticker check is due for my car soon. For this I will visit an experienced auto repair shop the next week.

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