The change indicator for maximum flexibility?

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Change license plate motorcycle car advantages The change license plate for maximum flexibility?

July 1 of the calendar year 2012 marks the official birth of the so-called exchange number, which is also known as the exchange number. Since that date, the exchange number plate has been used as an instrument to insure and officially register two vehicles, each of which can be assigned to an identical vehicle class. In accordance with legal regulations, the exchange plate can only be used in conjunction with one of the two vehicles. Accordingly, it is not permitted to use the change license plate simultaneously or synchronously in connection with both cars. Basically, only the car may take part in road traffic or be parked on public roads, which is equipped with the full change number plates in front and behind including seal and TÜV sticker in the course of the relevant time window. The interchangeable sign has a specific interchangeable element that has to be changed in advance of each journey or when placing it on public roads.

why was it introduced?

Change license plate in front e1592979703101 The change license plate for maximum flexibility?
Change license plate in front

The idea was actually to subsidize electric vehicles with the introduction of the license plate. Legislators hoped that the license holder would think about buying a cost-saving and environmentally friendly electric car for short journeys because the license plate required only one license plate for both vehicles. And the auto industry should also see an upswing as more car purchases are made. At least that was the theory. However, since the advantages of the changing license plate only pay off in very specific cases, there has been no success to date.

Interchangeable license plate at the rear The interchangeable license plate for maximum flexibility?
Change number plate in the back

for vehicles with max. 8 seats

In principle, you can apply for a change of license plate number for vehicles that belong to category M1, as well as those of classes L and 01. In addition to motor vehicles with a maximum of 8 seats, motorcycles and trailers also receive corresponding exchange signs, provided the official keeper submits an official application to the responsible registration office. For this purpose, applicants must either present a valid identity card or passport to the authority. The vehicle registration document and vehicle registration document must also be presented to the administration. An alphanumeric code issued by the insurance company or the evB number completes the required documents. The previous license plates, which were attached to the respective vehicles in advance, must also be carried. The responsible authority then stamps the corresponding license plates. Within Germany, the application for thousands of signs is linked to an administration fee of around EUR 105. Alternatively, the application may be processed by authorized third parties at the authority. For this purpose, the authority must be provided with a copy of the valid ID card of the principal. At the same time, the authorized representative is obliged to present the original identification documents to the administrative office. Basically, the procedure corresponds to a normal vehicle registration.

there is no tax reduction

According to the German legal understanding, exchange signs are currently not tied to any tax reduction for the keeper. Liability insurance is mandatory for both vehicles. The portfolio of numerous insurance companies includes specially designed tariffs that are explicitly tailored to the needs of vehicle owners who use change number plates. Such tariffs are accompanied by an average cost saving of 10%. The use of removable signs generates comparatively few advantages. Experts primarily classify the use of exchange number plates in a combination of cars and motorhomes or oldtimers or environmentally friendly, compact city cars and conventional cars as an attractive model. Violations of the legal regulations, which formulate the use of the tags, trigger legal sanctions. In such cases, a fine is payable. At the same time, the keeper receives a point in Flensburg. Anyone who drives a vehicle on the road or parks it on public roads that has an incomplete tag has to pay a fine of EUR 50 or EUR 40 (depending on the completeness of the split license plate) numbers.

the most important features summarized:

  • Registered in Germany since July 2012
  • valid for two vehicles as an alternative to individual registration
  • Vehicles of classes L, M1 and O1 can be given a changing license plate on request
  • both vehicles must not be operated in parallel (Vehicles with partial license plates may not be parked on public roads)
  • Change license plate is not valid indefinitely (only for two vehicles of classes L, M1 and O1), but can only be used for example on two motorcycles, two motor vehicle trailers, one car or in combination with a motor home
  • The license plate is divided into two and above the state sticker a "W" shows the reference to the change license plate
  • Insurers offer discounts of between 10 and 25 percent for holders of a changing license plate
  • three individual signs are given for each number plate (mobile part and the two fixed elements)
  • interchangeable license plate is NOT a sensible alternative to Seasonal license plates

Change license plate motorcycle car benefits 2 The change license plate for maximum flexibility?

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